Out on Disability? How to Protect Your Family Finances

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When you are injured and need to be out of work on disability, you might worry about how you’re going to care for the finances of the family.

From clipping coupons to talking to companies you owe, there are a few ways that you can make sure that your family stays afloat until you are able to get back to work.

You could also look at getting assistance from government agencies to help supplement what you receive for disability.

  • Budget

    Look at how much you normally spend each month on the bills that you have. If there’s anything that you can cut out, such as going out to eat or reducing the cable bill, then it’s best to make those eliminations as soon as possible.

    Trim where you can, but you want to keep the necessities on, such as the water and power.

    You also need to make sure that you budget for your house payment and any car payments.

  • Owing Credit

    After you have come up with a budget, talk to the people you owe money to, such as credit card companies and loan offices.

    Explain your situation to see if you can get a reduced payment until you can get back to work. The last thing that you want to do is fall behind on what you owe to creditors as this will mean more interest that is paid.

    It’s best to work out a plan to pay something each month instead of nothing at all.

  • Professional Help

    Talking to an attorney, such as those at Oxner + Permar, LLC, could help in getting the disability process sped up if you’re still waiting on a payment.

    You can also get the attorney to talk to creditors on your behalf. One option is filing for bankruptcy, but this should be a last resort.

    The attorney can talk to you about your options so that you make the best decision.

    There are also funds available to apply for to help with your expenses, such as food stamps.

  • Vehicles

    When you’re on disability, you will likely have to visit the doctor on occasion in order to keep track of your injury or illness until you go back to work.

    To do this, you need a reliable car or a form of transportation. If your car payment is too expensive, then consider getting something that is a little older but that you can afford.

Being out of work on disability is frightening for some people as they aren’t sure how they can make ends meet.

With a little planning, you can overcome this time in your life. Budget ahead and seek help if things get too overwhelming.

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