Practice These Nine Ways to Manage Your Projects (Part 1 of 2)

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After you’ve started up and planned your projects, you’ll move into the Execution (or “delivery”) phase in the project life cycle. This is the longest phase in the project, since it is in this phase that the deliverables are built for the customer. As a project manager you need to manage the work and monitor […]

4 Investments Every Student Should Consider in Their College Years

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A college education is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. However, you shouldn’t just consider your diploma when it comes to investments. There are all kinds of things you should buy to make the most of your time in college. Here are four investments every student should consider in their college years. New […]

Gold Coin Collectors: How to Get the Most Money for Your Collection

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When it comes to gold, it can be a fantastic investment. People have used it for all of time to transact value and to hold on to value. Luckily, gold is beautiful, so it makes great collections to cherish. However, sometimes, the monetary value that gold can bring is immense because of its use in […]

The Best Forex Trading Programs on the Market

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The goal of every forex trader is to make a profit from the forex trading market. There is no such thing as a free-giver when it comes to forex trading. As a forex trader, there is numerous online review for forex brokers and automated trading software such as the review of FXPro, via which you could […]

Money Matters: 3 Tips to Recovering from Any Health Issue without Breaking the Bank

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Health issues, whether chronic or emergency, can throw a monkey wrench into your financial plans. Emergency health problems, in particular, can create major issues with your finances, leaving you scrambling to figure out how to pay for your health issue and still make sure your regular bills are paid. How do you handle paying for […]

How to Start a Fitness Business

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For personal trainers, it’s a natural progression to want to open your own studio or gym. Maybe you want a more flexible schedule, a life change, or you’re tired of kowtowing to a boss. Whatever the reasons, your passion for helping others to get healthy, strong and to feel good about themselves is a worthy, […]

How the Right Bank Can Help You Manage and Grow Your Business

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Company owners need to work with several partners to ensure the growth and success of their business. They must have a good working relationship with their suppliers so that they can get the supplies they need for manufacturing their products or providing their services. They also have to rely on various service providers so that […]

7 Mistakes Teacher Should Avoid

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Before you become a teacher you need to make a lot of sacrifices and also requires many requirements and certifications. However, each one of them must meet the certificate 3 qualification which is accredited and designed to allow graduates to demonstrate the learning results expressed as skills and knowledge. But aside from having these important […]

Portfolio 101 – Six “Validates” to Authorize Projects

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When projects get approved they should be placed on a pipeline until the organization has the capacity to staff the project. It might seem that once a project makes it through the approval process there is a commitment to start immediately. This is not the case. There is one more step that has to happen […]

Ways to Run a Small Business at Home

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With the introduction of the internet, many business owners have opted to run their business from home. Without compulsory meetings, or having co-workers around, this sounds like a perfect working station. However, if you are not disciplined enough, most of your work will not be done. Even though using your hose as your workplace will […]