Injured and Unable to Work? How to Keep Your Job and Make Ends Meet

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Workplace accidents always seem to happen in the worst way at the worst time. While no one ever expects to be the one who is affected by a workplace accident, the truth is it can happen to anyone. If you’ve been affected by a workplace accident and are wondering how you’re going to get by […]

How to Financially Prepare for a Major Dental Procedure

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Dental repairs often come up out of the blue, surprising you following car accidents or sports injuries. Other times, they are needed to treat problems that have arisen following years of poor oral care or due to diseases and certain medications. Whatever your reason for needing dental care may be, the financial blow it makes […]

How Frugal Fashionistas Can Save Moolah on New Clothing Purchases

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When you want to look like a model who is wearing the latest fashions, you probably think that you need to have a lot of money, but you can find ways to buy affordable clothing. You may need to spend more time looking for less expensive garments, but it is worth it to save money […]

5 Action Steps for the Perfect Trading Plan

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Forex is very much like traveling to another country. You exchange your currency for theirs, and then you can make a profit out of what’s left over when you return. However, this becomes a lot more complex when you think of it on a larger scale. Just a few euros or dollars don’t make a […]

Car Accident Aftermath: 5 Tips to Help You Get out of Financial Hardship

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Car accidents involving personal injury can cause more than inconvenience—the financial hardships involved can be considerable. Thankfully, help exists. You just have to know where to look. Be Prepared The best time to begin dealing with financial hardship is before you get into an accident. Did you know your state has a Department of Insurance? […]

Better Budget: 5 Money Saving Tips to Implement

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Learning to stick to a budget is an important part of leading a financially stable life. The sooner you learn to do this, the better, because as a young adult, you’re building the financial habits that you’ll follow for the rest of your life. Whether you’re finding yourself low on cash every month or you’re […]

5 Things a PMO Should Be Doing Now – Delivering Greater Value as a PMO

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Project Management Offices (PMO) are defined by their ability to deliver value to their organizations or clients. As PMO organizations mature it becomes harder for them to demonstrate their business value to the organization. Below, we have identified 5 things that PMOs should be focused on to get themselves to the ‘next level’ of maturity […]

3 Signs Personal Loans Won’t Work For You

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Personal loans are convenient and easy-to-access, but it’s not good for someone who has way too much debt. It will only give you an immediate relief but the multiple unpaid debts are still there. Here are signs that personal loans won’t work for you. Living in denial If you deny that you’re having debt issues, […]

Are Real Estate Commission Advances Loans?

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No. A commission advance is not a loan. It does not accrue interest, neither do you get a fixed repayment period with fixed amounts to pay. This advance is afforded to real estate practitioners by commission advancing companies. The money is advanced on commissions that are yet to be paid. There are glaring differences between […]

5 Things You Must Know When Starting to Trade Forex

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When talking about online trading, many people think stock market. However, more and more online traders decide to turn to forex trading. The forex market, also referred to as FX, allows users to trade with foreign currencies. Right now, it’s estimated that FX excels about $5 million in volume. And since forex trading has proven […]