Protecting Your Finances: Tricks to Sticking to a Budget

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Budgets can be hard to stick to because you have to balance your day-to-day needs, long-term goals, and the unexpected into every month of your finances. But there are ways to maintain a budget if you’re willing to employ research, some technology, and a little psychology. Here are few tricks to help you stick to […]

Use These 5 Techniques BEFORE Creating an Estimate

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Estimating is hard enough. It is even harder if you are not prepared. Estimating a 20 hour chunk of work is not so hard. Estimating for full projects or large chunks of work can be challenging. Templates can help, but consider the following steps before you begin the estimating process. Get a clear picture of […]

How to Stop your Finances from Being Damaged After Suffering a Major Accident

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The last thing that you need to worry about after a serious personal injury are your finances. Unfortunately, many people will try to take advantage of you in your weakened state. You need to be prepared. Here are a few tips that you must employ to protect your finances during this time of trouble. Do […]

Big Move? 6 Expenses to Plan For In Your Budget

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If you are planning on moving in the near future, you will need to plan for a variety of related expenses. In some cases, your employer or others will be able to help you pay for some or all of these costs. However, it is best to plan ahead of time to avoid a shock […]

Save Money By Making Old Things New Again

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We live in a “Buy, buy buy!” economy (in fact, many people have become addicted to shopping because of it). Unfortunately, it is costly to live up to the expectation of buying new things every year. Too many people are enticed by the seductive lure of the credit card, and find themselves deep in debt. […]

How to Promote Your Newbie Startup

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Marketing tends to be exhausting, to both one’s psyche, as well as their own pocket, even if it’s a multinational corporation that’s trying to promote their name. If you are a small business owner, looking to get your name out there, you might encounter problems that transcend the time that needs to be spent on […]

What Divorce Means for Your Finances

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You always knew a divorce would be messy, but you perhaps did not understand fully how it would impact your financial situation. Divorce, aside from being emotionally draining, will often prove to be an expensive endeavor as well. Often the full extent of the financial toll is not realized until a judge has ruled and […]

Increasing Work Environment Efficiency and Productivity

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Helping your employees become efficient is not always an easy task, and you will have to look into what some of the changes will bring about. However, even minor adjustments can go a long way and will help your employees feel inspired and motivated to work the hardest they can. Noise Cancellation In order to […]

Top 9 Mobile Apps That Will Save You Money on Your Outdoor Expeditions

Tuesday, March 8, 2016, 6:00 PM | 1 Comment

Travelling needs planning, and if you intend to take a vacation, the weather conditions at your preferred vacationing destination will be important. When you need to unwind, a warmer surrounding is good; cases of people getting depressed when it’s cold have been reported. Technology has made all this planning cheaper, very efficient and convenient. There […]

5 Heating Tips that will Help you Lower your Energy Bills

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There’s no reason the seasonal chill has to equal a rise in your energy bill, not when you apply smart thinking to the issue. Dramatically cut your heating bill by thinking deeper, by partner the latest in technological wizardry with five powerful energy reduction tips to really enjoy big savings. Invest in Technology The new […]