Best Ways for a Budding Business to Build Up a Line of Credit

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Those who are starting up a new business know the importance of attracting new customers, building a great reputation, and finding the right suppliers. And most also know how difficult it is to build credit right away. Many business owners use their personal credit cards and loans against personal property, such as homes to get […]

4 Tips To Handle High Debt When Nothing Else Works

Monday, August 17, 2015, 7:00 AM | 2 Comments

These days a number of individuals and especially families are facing to pay debt that they have accrued over the years. Even tough the unemployment is easing up on many families, it is still hard to pay off debt and thereby to put food on the table. Debt is a toxin the effect of which […]

Use These 3 Steps to Create a Project Closure Report

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The Project Closure Report allows you to document the reasons for closing the project, as well as the steps you intend to take to do it properly. This report is the final document produced for the project and is used by senior management to assess the success of the project, identify best practices for future […]

Insurance Savings: What to Check for in Your First Policy

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Insurance policies are designed to protect you from unplanned occurrences and worst case scenarios. While the protection your insurance provides you is invaluable, it can also be more expensive than it should be if you’re not careful. First-time insurance policies are notorious for costing more than they should. Policy holders add more coverage than they […]

Net Worth: How to Add Up Your Assets

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Whether you’re planning an early retirement or you just want to know how you stack up against your peers, knowing your true net worth is a valuable tool for assessing your overall financial health. Your net worth will, in part, determine your income in retirement and can also give you clues about how to streamline […]

Understand How Credit Rating Score Is Measured

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A credit rating is a simple number which many lenders use to determine whether or not they will give a loan or line of credit to an individual. In addition, the interest rates are different for different credit ratings. The higher the credit ratings, the lower the interest rate you might be able to get […]

4 Ways to Keep an Auto Accident from Destroying Your Finances

Wednesday, August 12, 2015, 6:00 AM | 34 Comments

Auto accidents are traumatizing for anyone. From the physical trauma of the accident itself to the headaches that come from dealing with auto insurance companies, the entire process can have an adverse effect on your emotional well-being. Beyond that, your financial status can also be impacted if you don’t have the necessary protection or you […]

Planning for your Financial Future? 5 Reasons you want to create a Trust

Tuesday, August 11, 2015, 6:00 AM | 1 Comment

Trusts are legal documents containing instructions on how and when to distribute an individual’s assets after their death. Trusts are established by a grantor and hold assets for a person or group referred to as the beneficiary. While trusts may not be for everyone, they do provide many benefits that wills do not. Here are […]

How You Can Financially Survive After An Expensive Divorce

Monday, August 10, 2015, 6:00 AM | 5 Comments

Going through a divorce can be devastating emotionally for both spouses and can take several years to heal. The process can also be financially difficult due to the cost that is involved to file for divorce and build a new life for yourself. To ensure that you can survive financially and get back on your […]

5 Areas That MUST be Watched on Your Project

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Project management can be a complex discipline. There are many aspects of project management that need to be managed – time, cost, scope, risk, quality and more. Here are five areas that must be watched if your project is to be successful. Watch how you spend your time If you want to deliver your project […]