Cloud Security: 7 Top Things You Should Know

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Whenever we talk about cloud, the term ‘security’ automatically comes up. It seems that each time the cloud is talked about in the enterprise, the discussion to follow is highlighted on how secure or insecure, it actually is. Some would make you believe the cloud is secured than on-premise, whereas others contend the same by […]

Hard Times: How to Help Struggling Family Members with their Finances

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Financial hardship happens to everyone at some time in their life, and often the victim is not even at fault. Natural disaster, loss of job, or health issues can wreak havoc on a family’s bank account. The following ideas may help you to assist a fellow loved one to overcome a monetary bump in the […]

Top 8 Credit Collection Software

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Credit collection agencies’ main task in business operations is pursuance of debt owed on behalf of businesses or individuals. Knocking on doors literally to collect these debts is cost ineffective leading to the utilization of software applications. There are many software systems in the market used by credit collectors for better debt management and agency […]

Use the Four Steps in a Document Life Cycle

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Document management is a part of communication management. It is important for the project manager to recognize the stages that a document must go through from creation to completion. This knowledge allows the project manager to understand the overall status of a document at any given time and helps ensure adequate time is allocated for […]

Tips to Reduce Your Expenditure & Save Money

Saturday, June 18, 2016, 6:00 AM | 1 Comment

Not only by working hard, but there are also some other ways that can help you manage your income and savings to avoid some of the money leaks that you’re having. You would want to keep as much money as you can for the things you need and want. Do not spend it lightly. Why […]

Growing Pains: Tips for Managing Your Growing Family’s Finances

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Whether it’s a new baby on the way or it’s time for mom to move in with you, an expanding family can put a strain on the budget. Adapting to a larger family size, especially with no increase in income, can be a struggle. Here are some tips for thriving financially while your family grows. […]

When Will Solar Start to Save You Money

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Solar technology hasn’t changed radically since the 1960s, but its availability to the average person has dramatically increased by adjustments in the ways solar is used and in its cost—a sixty percent drop in the cost of solar PV systems alone since 2011! Still, many homeowners are assessing the cost versus the benefits of going […]

4 Ways to Save Money on Hotels While on Vacation

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Often we forget about the budget when we travel. While we are on a break, money is the last thing we care about. However, nothing could be worse than returning home with an empty wallet and end up with debts. Since, you want the vacation to be stress-free and not overburdened with more stress. Paying […]

Win the Battle Against Stress at the Workplace

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The survey of conducted by Anxiety Disorders Association of America in 2006 showed that as much as 76% of employees reports that work causes them to have daily stress and anxieties that influence their lives at least moderately. This means that stress is definitely an integral part of having a job. However, if the stress […]

Outdoor Feng Shui for Your Backyard (That You Can Afford)

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Feng Shui, which literally means “wind and water,” is the ancient Chinese art of designing or transforming a space so that positive energy can flow through it. This positive energy or life force, referred to as chi, is important because it is believed to contribute to greater health, wealth, and happiness in life. Put it […]