Styling Your First Home on a Budget

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I cannot describe the joy in my heart the first time I bought my own mattress. The young adult I was at the time was finally freed from the shackles of college futons and childhood bunk beds. The purchase also felt good because I bought it with my own money. At that age, with a […]

Deploying Project Management in Waves

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There are a number of ways to deploy common project management practices within an organization. One approach is to think of everything that needs to be improved and try to deploy everything at once. Instead, our approach is to deploy items more gradually to provide time to absorb initial changes before others are rolled out. […]

4 Ways to Get a Handle on Your Finances in a Practical Manner

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It’s critical to learn about mathematics, science, and history in modern society. It’s just as critical to learn about managing financial matters. If you want to protect yourself from a lifetime of financial uncertainty and stress, then you need to learn several key lessons. Financial intelligence can do so much for your lifestyle and mood. […]

How to Better Manage Client Relationships

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Companies that provide services to their clients rely on more than just providing exceptional service. As a matter of fact, establishing a meaningful relationship with a client is vital to a company’s success. The main reason is that such relationships build a foundation for future cooperation and positive referrals that can help a company stand […]

How to Choose a New Office Fit-Out?

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Choosing a new office fit-out is a task that you don’t get to do every single day but it’s also something that will affect your business in more ways than you can imagine. First of all, it affects productivity, safety and mood in the room, in general, which is why making a hasty decision is […]

Office/Commercial Cleaning Checklist – Services that a Cleaner Should Offer

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When a person pays a professional office cleaning service, they will desire to get absolute value for money. The professional cleaning providers often will provide with a service checklist to help them choose how little or how much they do. Most companies offer a thorough cleaning even on the basic plans. A Glance at the […]

3 Small Steps To Get A Bigger Paycheck And Be Promoted

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Did you ever feel that you deserve promotion and a bigger paycheck? Many workers today feel they deserve a move up the corporate ladder. However, keep in mind they don’t necessarily have to land a promotion to start earning more. Showcasing and acquiring a few more talents will leverage workers’ worth and allow them to […]

Advance Your Career By Helping Others

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It sounds kind of strange to some folks, but the truth of the matter is helping others genuinely, wholeheartedly and selflessly will help you advance in your career. If you’re busy doing your project and you have scheduled it very tightly because your boss wanted it yesterday, then your first priority is to finish it […]

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) What is a Portfolio?

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Most believe a portfolio is an extension of projects and programs. They see the portfolio as a roll-up of the projects their employer has approved, a way to group them together. An example might be all IT projects and programs for the current year making up the IT portfolio. In reality, the portfolio comes first. […]

Some Say I Am Introvert – Others Say I Am Extrovert

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Introvert? Extrovert? What the hell is the difference? Ain’t we all humans? Ain’t we all unique in our own way? My attitude towards others is well-balanced, very respectful of others and somewhat respected I might add. My performance at work is much better than average. I socialize at work as much as I need to […]