Protect Yourself From A Financial Rat Before You Smell One

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According to Ken Fisher, yes you can protect yourself from a financial rat before you smell one. I read this book except only the last few pages, but I would finish it soon. He claims you can protect yourself from Ponzi scheme like that of Bernie Madoff. Ken describes in detail and says that scams […]

Best Practices to Improve Your Software Development Skills

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Always be ready to learn In software development platforms, nobody is always perfect. When among your peers or in any software development related meeting, be humble and gain more from those in attendance. Necessary skills like .net PDF require a lot of listening than prejudice. Always behave like an amateur and take pride in teamwork […]

How to Handle Getting Your Inheritance When Your Parents Didn’t Leave a Will

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It is an unfortunate fact that many people never even think about making a will, and that can lead to some major problems when a death occurs. While getting your inheritance without a will might be tricky, there are some steps that you can take to speed the process up. Double-Check for Any Legal Documents […]

3 Ways to Manage Your Personal Finances Like a Pro

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Personal finances can be a tricky topic. While all of us have our own financial habits, there are certain practices that have become standard and will help improve your approach to spending and saving. Though most of us understand the importance of saving money, eliminating debt, and investing wisely, there are several other factors that […]

How To Prepare Financially Before An Auto Accident Even Happens

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In 2019, an estimated 28,00 people lost their lives to auto accidents, and about 4.4 million people were injured severely enough to require medical attention. These are certainly scary statistics to think about, but with so many vehicles on the road, the possibility of anything from a fender bender to a total-loss crash is possible […]

4 Steps To Creating Project Business Case As Project Manager

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You may have worked as project manager on many projects where you were responsible for delivering the project on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of your customer. The project was given to you to deliver it. However, you may not realize it, but to be a successful Project Manager, in every sense of […]

Why Hiring a Lawyer is a Smart Financial Move After an Injury

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Were you recently injured at your place of work or at a public location? Regardless of where your injury took place, one thing is clear: You need to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. This is the move that will get you the maximum amount of money that you need to settle your bills […]

The Financial Toll of Addiction

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If you have ever battled addiction, then you know all too well the toll it takes on your health and your relationships. What you may not have realized, however, is the toll that addiction takes on your finances. The reality is that addiction is as financially costly as it is physically and emotionally catastrophic. It […]

5 Great Ways to Save Money During Quarantine

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There is no doubt that the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has had a significant effect on the pocketbooks of many. During this challenging time, it is more important than ever to look to cut costs. Here are five ways that you can save money during quarantine. Scrutinize Expenses During times of financial uncertainty, one of the […]

How to Protect Your Business Finances After Suffering an Injury

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It’s no secret that life can be unpredictable. One moment you’re physically active and healthy, and the next you’ve suffered an injury due to an accident or illness. This sudden change may mean that you’re not able to operate your business for an extended period of time. If you don’t think an accident can halt […]