How To Prepare For Borrowing Money

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In today’s environment, millions have declared bankruptcies because they borrowed heavily for mortgage, auto loan, and college loan without really raising questions in their minds how they will ever pay back the loan. Borrowing for these legitimate needs is one thing but many borrowed for extravagant vacations, and for their never-ending shopping sprees using their […]

Americans Are Worried About Their Future

Thursday, May 19, 2011, 2:00 AM | 1 Comment

A volatile stock market, falling property values, rising prices, mounting unemployment and credit crunch have shaken even the most indifferent Americans. Many wonder if their nest eggs are safe, how to stretch their budgets as health costs rise, and whether they should delay retirement and keep on working – or for some, may be return […]

How Long Will an IVA Last?

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Most IVAs last five years – this is the standard time period that lenders expect them to last. However, in some cases it may be possible to arrange a longer or shorter IVA, while in other cases an IVA may last less time than expected. Background to IVAs A typical IVA involves making monthly payments […]

Save Money By Simplifying Your Finances

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These days most families have two income earners. They all strive for extra time so they can relax and release some of the burden of chores regarding personal finances that used to take quite a few hours to perform including a trip to the bank. You had to go to the bank to make a […]

10 Steps You Can Take If You Are Laid Off

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The job market is down and is way down for people who lost jobs last month and the months before. They have to work hard and smart to land another job of at least equal value. The job value can consist not only of pay but health care and other benefits as well. One has […]

Gain Financial Literacy For Success

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Is it important to have financial literacy in order to be successful and for the most part be debt free? Yes and No. No, because literacy of any kind will not take the greed out of anyone’s life. Millions of consumers will always overspend, will always buy homes 10 times more than they need, use […]

5 Major Financial Events To Plan For

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Every one of us has faced major events in our lives that may require some new initiatives and adjustments in our finances. Only folks that don’t care for their future and their offspring will avoid these fixes. Having said that, there are people who worry about today than tomorrow because they think they cannot afford […]

How To Control And Reduce Your Debt Load

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We all know Western economy especially that of the United States runs on credit. Credit if not repaid immediately accumulates interest and thus turns into debt. Millions of folks would stop living financially if the credit industry stopped giving out money. That’s exactly what many folks thought that credit companies were giving out money and […]

Online Banking Is Not Just ATM Anymore

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I remember back in 1981, I used ATM for the first time in the town I lived in. Most often, it would be down or it would incorrectly give me the balance in my checking and saving accounts. I always went to the bank ATM on Saturdays in the morning. I would go inside, ask […]

Be Very Wary Of Debt Settlers

Tuesday, May 10, 2011, 2:00 AM | 3 Comments

Millions of folks are struggling with debt. As the number of debt holders have increased so have companies that offer you the world and claim to make your life free of debt almost overnight. If you have not received mail in your mailbox yet, pretty soon you might get an offer like that. These offers […]