Cuomo Sues Ernst & Young Over Lehman Scam

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Folks! It has happened again and it might happen many times over in the not too distant future. These days, it seems to be the order of the day. New York Times online has reported that NY State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has sued Ernst & Young over Lehman Brothers scam. Well, Cuomo has not […]

Four Kinds Of Investing You Can Look Into

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There are different kinds of investing. Each has a different purpose. Depending on what you want from your investment, you can follow one specific kind of investment or a combination thereof. Experts suggest to have a diversified portfolio that can accommodate your investment strategy for the long haul. Long-term investment is the way to go. […]

Saving On Gas As A Nation May Lower Its Price

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If everyone or the majority began to take steps as a nation, there are some definite ways to save money not only on gas but perhaps to lower its price as a result. It’s a supply vs demand economy. Supply remaining the same, prices go up when there is greater demand. Prices come down when […]

If I Were a Rich Man…

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Millions and billions folks all over the the third world don’t wish or even think about having enough money to be called rich. They are so f***ing busy doing what they do best carrying empty pockets and empty stomachs when they go to sleep at night. The rich can’t sleep because they are worried Madoff […]

7 Tips To Help Prevent Drivers From Tow Truck Scam

Sunday, December 19, 2010, 1:13 AM | 6 Comments

As always, I was researching for a topic to write my next post on. Winter is upon us. I came across an article that warned of tow truck scam. I was not aware that some tow trucks are on the look out for stranded motorists on the nations’ highways, especially when it’s snowing heavily. These […]

Madoff Trustee Gets Billions In Settlement

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Yesterday’s news has it that the widow of a Florida philanthropist who had been the single-largest beneficiary of Bernard Madoff’s colossal Ponzi scheme has agreed to return $7.2 billion in bogus profits to the victims of the fraud, she and authorities announced Friday. A recovery of that size would mean that a sizable number could […]

Tax-Cut Package Passes Final Vote In House

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Boston Globe: The House passed an $858 billion package of extended tax cuts and stimulus spending late last night, saving at least hundreds of dollars for nearly all Americans and heralding the first broad bipartisan compromise of the Obama presidency. The 277-to-148 vote was a political victory for President Obama, who made the case for […]

Debit Cards Usage On The Rise

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Experts say debit cards have outstripped credit cards and checks for some years now. Debit cards continue to play a bigger part in families finances. I guess because of the bad economy, credit card usage has recently seen bad days. Folks were carrying debt in large quantities that they were, at some point, unable to […]

Ideas Can Turn Out Great When Implemented Correctly

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Ideas can turn out great when practiced correctly, especially when it’s about the folks who have lost their jobs. You probably can find many businesses that were based on seemingly bad ideas but still when put in practice, they have turned into successful ventures. However, a good idea ought to succeed when folks put their […]

Credit Available To Riskier Borrowers But With Strict Terms

Thursday, December 16, 2010, 12:29 AM | 1 Comment

Recent news has it that the banks have opened up their treasuries to the general public, even to riskier borrowers but with stricter and tougher terms and conditions. Credit card ads are on the rise after a three-year slowdown. Banks want to make extra money. They want to revive a business that brought them huge […]