Record Deposits At Banks And Credit Unions

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Despite the fact that banks and credit unions pay a dismal interest rate – less than 1% – deposits at these financial institutions have increased by $1 trillion to a record level that has reached a total of $7.74 trillion since October 2007. Most checking accounts don’t even pay interest. These are the findings of […]

Tips for Taxpayers Making Charitable Donations

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Americans like to donate to their selected charities. For the most part, they are givers instead of receivers. For this reason, I guess IRS has deductions for folks who donate to charitable organization to make it easier for individuals as well as organizations. If you made a donation or going to make one in the […]

The IRS May Owe You Money

Tuesday, December 7, 2010, 5:50 AM | 2 Comments

Many folks are afraid to file tax return. They think IRS is a big monster where everyday is Halloween and Michael Myers at the IRS is out to get them. IRS is simply a U.S. Government agency like any other which has been given the thankless job of collecting taxes. But by no means people […]

Ultimate Plan Of Financial Self-Defense

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There are external forces that act on your personal finances that on the most part you have no control over. They include inflation, the money supply and the workings of the Federal Reserve System. You as an individual can, in some limited ways, protect your family from a serious crisis in your financial life. The […]

IRS Hits Minorities To Boost Tax Revenues

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To boost tax revenues, IRS hits minorities and hits them enough that some folks think the agency is racist and being racist coming from a branch of the U.S. Government is serious business. Needless to say it’s against the law to discriminate against minorities by a U.S. agency. If you are a minority especially of […]

Debt To IRS – or How I Learned To Pay Past Due Taxes

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When you owe money to IRS and you are past due in taxes, then the agency mandates that you use third party services. These parties are registered with and are approved by IRS. IRS says Paying a Balance Due is called Lockbox for individual taxpayers. “Lockbox is a collection and processing service provided by a […]

Save Money With Coupons

Friday, December 3, 2010, 2:53 AM | 1 Comment Inc. enables digital coupon programs – including online printable, Save to Card and mobile promotions – for the nation’s top brands and retailers. Founded in 1998 and privately held, is based in Mountain View, CA. It offers Top 50 U.S. web property and is No. 1 in the Coupons/Rewards category – as well […]

Federal Reserve Secrecy Causes Jobs Disappearance

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The U.S. Congress requested the Federal Reserve Bank to quit working in secrecy and explain how much money the Feds had given to private companies such as Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch. The Feds got busy and started to look for secret documents that it had hidden from the public eyes [as if the American […]

Organize Your Receipts And Business Cards Online

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I used to own a convenience store – from May 27, 2004 to March 31, 2005. The previous owner had the age-old register at the paying counter. I didn’t get a chance to replace it with a computer-connected register. I guess the newer ones are based on computer technology with hard disk and memory and […]

Debt Is One Money Game Folks Must Win

Thursday, November 25, 2010, 5:25 PM | 1 Comment

Today is a Federal holiday in America. Today is Thanksgiving day. Happy Thanksgiving to those who will celebrate and to those as well who are unable to do so even though they may wish they did. I was told by the soup kitchen in my town that they will serve turkey and other kinds of […]