Here is Why the Initiating Phase is so Important

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It might seem that once a project makes it through the approval process it is ready to start. This is not the case. There is one more step that has to happen before a project can actually start. In portfolio management this is the “authorization” process. In project management it is “initiation“. On the surface […]

Personal Injury Lawsuits: How They Can Take a Toll on Your Finances

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If you are the cause of someone else’s injury, whether intentionally or through negligence, this can lead to you being drug through court. As you can imagine, a personal injury lawsuit can impact your financial situation in a rather negative way. You may not realize just how serious this can become, so here are a […]

How to Manage a Monthly Mortgage Payment

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Owning a home means that there are a lot of expenses associated with it. The monthly mortgage payment is only a portion of the costs. Here are some tips to help you manage your monthly payments. Do a Practice Run Before you decide to purchase a home, practice saving money each month. Depending on the […]

Mastering CFD Trading

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Contract for difference (CFD) is a by-product that enables you to stake on the price fluctuation of a given financial instrument like shares and commodities. It can be viewed as a treaty between two parties on trade on the difference between the opening and closing prices of a financial tool. Profits made in the business […]

Would You Prefer a Venture Capitalist or Other Alternatives for Your Start-up?

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When the entrepreneurial bug bites, the next thought is capital. Where to get it from, who to get it from; these issues occupy your every waking thought. That is until you chance across the term venture capital in one of your business journals and you have a light-bulb moment. What is venture capital? This is […]

Creating the best designs for your Instagram marketing campaign

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Instagram is introducing a lot of innovative ways to do promotions as the recent launch of the Carousel Ads, custom call-to-action tab, and API for Instagram ads, etc. There is no doubt that rather than being fun to share image networking platforms, Instagram is carving out their No.1 position as one of the major social […]

Why You Should Engage Services of Real Estate Brokers When Relocating

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Relocating to a new region invokes a mixture of excitement and trepidation. You will be dealing with the anxiety of the unknown. At the same time, nothing can beat the excitement of a new place and experience. If you want to deal with the anxiety of the move, ensure that you plan well. Give yourself […]

5 Essential Tips for a Successful SEO Strategy for Your Business

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Life in the “big city” is busy, hectic, fast-paced, and often stressful. During rush hour traffic, it can take several hours to go a very short distance. This makes it hard to visit clients because it consumes a lot of time. Time is money, and this is where there has been an increase in the […]

Should You Invest in Employee Fire Warden Training?

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Fire wardens play a very important role in preventing workplace fires and minimizing the damage in case of a fire. More and more businesses are investing in employee fire warden training Brisbane as they understand the devastating effects that a fire can cause. Statistics show that 2 out of 5 businesses that are affected by […]

Five Things You Need to Know About Action Items

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An action item is an ad-hoc work activity that requires follow-up execution. By their nature, action items normally cannot be planned for in advance. They arise on an as-needed basis during meetings or as a by-product of working on something else. There is no Knowledge Area in the PMBOK® Guide for managing action items, but […]