Speaking English Without The Use Of Acronyms Is Hard

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In finance and other disciplines, we have been bombarded by a variety of acronyms, mostly by all three branches of the government but to a lesser extent by private sector as well. Can we speak English without the use of acronyms? It depends on the subject and the talk of the moment. In some cases, […]

Lessons From A Personal Credit Crisis

Tuesday, June 2, 2009, 5:45 AM | 1 Comment

There is an article on forbes.com written by John Tamny, published on June 1, 2009. The article is about the personal credit crisis of New York Times economic reporter Edmund Andrews. In the article, John states that Ed bought brick town house for $460,000. The “economic” reporter was making $130,000 a year with take home […]

Can The New Credit Card Laws Protect Us From Ourselves?

Monday, June 1, 2009, 7:50 AM | 3 Comments

The new credit card law may or may not protect us from ourselves. It does not protect us from our freely spending spree. One thing is for sure. In the Western World and Japan and a few other countries, owning a credit card or two, or perhaps ten for some, is almost a must. It […]

The Rich Turn To Massive Garage Sales

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Nothing in this world has remained unchanged. Like they say “the only constant on this earth is change, change, change.” Many people have a hard time grasping this. If folks have their own business or a line of business – for example, show business, arts and entertainment, real estate, construction and others – and they […]

Tips To Protect Identity ON-and-OFF Line

Tuesday, May 26, 2009, 8:26 AM | 2 Comments

Perhaps you can. Maybe not completely though. The anacondas of the world are swimming in the swamps of consumers misery and anxiety and they are getting smarter and smarter almost on a daily basis. They always have. Our God-given characteristics of being so gullible and so thirsty for money and comfort will always be with […]

Anaconda Squeeze In Credit Swamp Of Consumer Misery

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The anaconda squeeze in the credit swamp of the consumer misery has been relaxed and loosened up. Thanks U.S. Senate. For months now, the card companies have been threatening to cut rewards programs sharply to make up for revenue lost because of the new restrictions. Card companies want to make money, and big spenders help […]

NY State AG Sues Two Debt Settlement Anacondas

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New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo yesterday scored his gains with a crackdown on two major outfits he accused of tricking and gouging consumers with debt-settlement schemes that caused more grief than relief for cash-strapped debtors. Mr. Cuomo sued two debt settlement companies Tuesday, accusing them of fraudulent business practices and false advertising. He said […]

The Sponsor Of A Key Bill Says Banks Need To Be Reined In

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President Obama is pressing Congress to pass legislation that will restrain influence of the credit card industry’s practices by Memorial Day. The Senate is currently debating two bills aimed at protecting consumers. One is Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s (D., N.Y.) Credit Cardholders Bill of Rights, which passed the House of Representatives in April by a wide […]

Buying A Safe Car Saves You Money

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If you are like most people shopping for a new car, safety should rank high among things you are looking for. Every new car must meet certain federal safety standards, but that doesn’t mean that all cars are equally safe. There are still important safety differences, and some vehicles are safer than others. Many automakers […]

Tips How To Send Money To Family In The Old Country

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As immigrants, we all have sent money to families in the old country where we were born and raised. These days, with the advent of freely available technology, the process of sending money has never been so easy. There is a process or a system called SWIFT – Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. It […]