Tips To Perfect Your Online Profile

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If you have some presence online in the form of your profile, enhance it. A well filled-out profile will attract the attention of companies, potential business partners, bloggers and headhunters! Take 5 minutes to perfect your profile – for more business contacts, commissions and job offers! Here are some key things to bear in mind: […]

What’s It With Ice Cream Prices – I Scream

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Come to think of it, the basic ingredients that go into making ice cream are milk, sugar, eggs. When a truck load of butter is added, the ice cream then comes to be known as Häagen-Dazs [By the way, it’s an American product – established by Polish immigrants Reuben and Rose Mattus in the Bronx, […]

Major Players In The Almost End Of Great Recession

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According to some experts, the recent great recession is not over yet. Others say by the end of this year, it will be history. That’s too early to jump into conclusion. However, all indications are that the economy is on the path of recovery. The end of the recession will happen only when there is […]

Revisit Your Retirement Portfolio For 2010

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More than half of the year is gone never to return. We already know we need to stash away some amount of money for retirement while still years away from the more active life [be active in retirement.] But what if you are already living in retirement or close to retirement. What can you do […]

Deception Of Utmost By Yahoo! Travel and Travelocity

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With all the shenanigans, the deceptions, tricks and pranks in the world going on, it has become customary [hopefully] for millions of folks to not trust the very dubious and dishonest scums and schmucks of the world. But when you hear that an otherwise legitimate business like Yahoo! Travel and its pranky dearest sister Travelocity […]

Taxes On $1.3 Trillion Slip Through IRS Fingers Each Year

Sunday, August 1, 2010, 9:51 AM | 3 Comments

There are two types of economies in a country – the Official Economy where GDP is calculated among other things and the Shadow Economy where the total sum is an estimate. In some countries, it’s cash economy and that can hardly be traced. The shadow economy is not necessarily all illegal but for the most […]

Interview Process – Seal Of Approval By U.S. DOL

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Finally, a branch of the Government has spoken up, telling us what the job applicants should do and not do. With unemployment at its highest level in decades, the U.S. Department of Labor issued a report Tuesday suggesting the lack of success in securing jobs is primarily the result of millions of Americans just completely […]

Lack Of Credit Card Discipline Gets You In Deep Debt

Wednesday, July 28, 2010, 9:47 AM | 1 Comment

Many folks get multiple credit cards and start purchasing things whether they need them or not. Quite a few consumers – some surveys suggest more than 10% of all consumers – buy things they don’t need. Some of them spend even if they can’t afford but because their friends spend. The problem of credit cards […]

Tips What To Review In Your Mutual Fund Portfolio

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Whatever investment in mutual funds you have made, you should review your portfolio every so often. That way you know the funds are on track getting you a good return. Financial experts typically urge investors to review their mutual fund portfolio annually. The problem is many investors don’t know what to look for and what […]

Make Resume And Cover Letter Specific To Job Requirement

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This is the beginning of the new year and this is, of course, the age of the Internet. Most job applicants have quite a few things readily accessible that 20 or so years ago were not available but only to a few technical employees. You can use MS Word to develop your master resume and […]