CEO Pay At Rescued Banks Exceeds S&P 500 Average

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The U.S. economy is seeing, some experts suggest, a rebound in general. But still, many folks who have lost jobs over the last year are still looking. Some have been out of work for more than a year. It’s hard to cope with all the everyday expenses for average Americans. But the economy is not […]

3 more months and $8,000 vanish into thin air

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Time is running out to claim the $8,000 first-time home-buyers tax credit. Passed earlier this year as part of the economic stimulus package, the credit is good for up to $8,000, or 10% of the purchase price, and applies to people who have not owned a home in the previous three years. There are some […]

A Will can protect and preserve your assets

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You can protect what you have – your assets – by naming beneficiaries, creating a will, and other estate-planning tasks. That means you would distribute it to the people and causes most important to you. A will is the most important tool to preserve your assets A will is one of the most important legal […]

Bankruptcy of banks continues, protect your account

Monday, August 31, 2009, 5:39 AM | 1 Comment

Despite signs of an improving economy, the nation’s banks are still struggling – in fact, the pace of bank failures has accelerated. A cascade of collapses began last year as the financial crisis struck. Eighty-four banks have fallen so far this year as tumbling home prices and spiking unemployment pushed loan defaults upward. That’s the […]

Have A Specific Goal In Mind When You Apply For Loan

Sunday, August 30, 2009, 8:38 AM | 1 Comment

You gotta have a goal, a specific plan when you go to a lending institution and apply for a loan. Most folks do and they get a loan to spend on something that can potentially give them a return. There are, unfortunately, some who get a loan, at least when the credit was available in […]

If you can write well, you can be successful Web freelancing

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Many folks have been laid off in a variety of industries including media and advertising companies. It’s a bad time to get a job in any discipline. However, there is one source of writing projects that is actually growing. Hundreds of online sites, especially bogs, are popping up every week. Many of them are created […]

Married or Divorced, Boost Your Income

Thursday, August 27, 2009, 6:28 AM | 1 Comment

It’s hard to believe but every year retirees pass up to the tune of more than $10 billion in Social Security benefits. How does it happen? Because of the spousal benefits that a lot of folks don’t know about and so they don’t claim from the department. These benefits can increase your income and solve […]

17 States And DC Have Banned Texting While Driving

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Texting is wildly popular. The number of monthly text messages has increased more than tenfold in the past three years to 110.4 billion in December 2008, up from 9.8 billion in December 2005, more than a ten-fold, according to the wireless industry trade organization CTIA. Texting while driving is unsafe. Not only are a driver’s […]

Key Steps To Take Before And During Retirement

Tuesday, August 25, 2009, 3:52 AM | 1 Comment

Given the state of this lousy economy, higher unemployment and the market’s recent history, you might be concerned about making your retirement savings last. There are many steps you can take – both before and during retirement – to help get your retirement savings back on track, from carefully reviewing your expectations to readjusting your […]

Managing your finances after your spouse passes away

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Death is inevitable. It has to happen. There is no escape. It knows no boundaries in terms of time and age. Two years old or sixty years old have no effect on death. Sometimes, it comes without warning. Losing a spouse is a life-changing event that can leave you feeling emotionally distraught for a very […]