Low Price Is An End And A Victory In Itself

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Ellen Ruppel Shell, a journalism professor at Boston University, once enjoyed a bargain as much as the rest of us, maybe more. “Low price is an end and a victory in itself, a way to wrestle control from the baffling mystery that is retail,” she writes in her introduction to “Cheap: The High Cost of […]

Consumer Debt Is Consistent With Bankruptcy Filings

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Research by the Federal Reserve indicates that household debt is at a record high relative to disposable income. Some analysts are concerned that this unprecedented level of debt might pose a risk to the financial health of American households. A high level of indebtedness among households could lead to increased household delinquencies and bankruptcies, which […]

Who says only the living are susceptible to identity theft

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I thought when people are dead, they are gone – no more. nada, zilch. The problem is they leave a whole history of their lives behind, especially their financial history. When people die, it seems that a vacuum gets created and who fills up that vacuum? The grave diggers – not to be confused with […]

Find out how well you are paid

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With the jobless rate near 10 percent, employers enjoy all the leverage. It used to be that applicants were advised to not talk about their financial compensation. They were advised to make sure that the job was offered to them first. And then they can discuss pay. But now in this lousy job market, when […]

Protect Yourself From A Financial Rat Before You Smell One

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According to Ken Fisher, yes you can protect yourself from a financial rat before you smell one. I read this book except only the last few pages, but I would finish it soon. He claims you can protect yourself from Ponzi scheme like that of Bernie Madoff. Ken describes in detail and says that scams […]

Money may be right under your nose if you want to borrow

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Banks have tightened their grip on borrowing money for mortgages, small businesses, canceling home equity loans and cutting borrowing limits on credit cards. Traditionally, folks also borrowed from family and friends even though at a smaller rate. Time may be just right to take a different direction. Borrowing from relatives is as old as the […]

Thrifty Is The Latest Back-To-School Trend

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There is an article in The Baltimore Sun by Mae Anderson The Associated Press August 3, 2009. Excerpts from the article Stores are doing more than ever to win business this back-to-school season — lengthening it; focusing on more T-shirts, lower-priced jeans and other basics; and promoting 50-cent boxes of pens and outright giveaways to […]

Home Prices: First Monthly Increase In Nearly Three Years

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A handful of early signs suggest construction starts and new house sales were up nicely in June. Prices rose from April to May, the first monthly increase in nearly three years. That raises a question. Has the bottom of the housing market reached and the price is on its way upward? Is this price-increase trend […]

Effects Of Recession On Men And Women

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The current recession termed by some as the worst has affected both men and women. But certain professions have been traditionally occupied by an overwhelming majority of men. For example, jobs in plumbing, carpentry, construction and such heavy work are filled by men. That’s what we see on a daily basis. On the same token, […]

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

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I am reading a book that I had never heard of before. The name of the book is “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” by Ramit Sethi. I have read more than half of it. It has great points, like the name suggests, about how to become rich. Ramit goes into the details of […]