How To Start Your Own Business From Home

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Some of the largest companies to date began at home. Before their offices occupied every city block in San Francisco, Seattle, and New York, both Amazon and Google were founded in garage spaces. Starting your own business from home, however, can have several logistical and geographical challenges. To help simplify the process for aspiring entrepreneurs, […]

How to Better Understand an IRS Tax Lien Removal

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The collection of taxes in the United States was carried over from England. However, not in the way, it was done there: taxation without representation. Through the 13th Amendment of the Constitution, the U.S. government has the ability to levy taxes to help pay for goods and services for the entire population. This is why […]

How to Make Safe Investments in Your 20s

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Due to the nature of compound interest, the younger that you invest your money, the richer you’re going to be when you retire. If invested properly at the age of 20, less than $4 a day could make you a millionaire when you retire. Therefore, if you want to grow rich, you have to start […]

Why Purchasing Real Estate in 2021 Could Be the Right Financial Move for You

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2021 is likely to be a year of big changes for everyone. If you are still renting, it may also be the year that buying property is finally a possibility. If you have a down payment ready and you are thinking about moving, you should definitely consider the reasons why purchasing real estate in 2021 […]

Stop And Learn To Live Within Your Means

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In my various posts, I have several times mentioned about how I and my family have lived without major debts. Well, the only debt we have is our monthly mortgage. I come from a poor family, an immigrant. I was raised in a financially conservative family. I was 23 when I came to the States. […]

Top Things To Compare When Choosing A Business Credit Card

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Having a different credit card for your business expenses comes with plenty of advantages. A business credit card allows you to manage your business operating cost, independent of your payment. Additionally, this also helps you to gauge your business budget. Business credit is useful when you want to separate your personal and business expenditures. You […]

Desperate to Remodel Your Home? Here’s How to Find the Money

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When your home is badly overdue for remodeling, there are several problems you’ll likely need to solve. One of the biggest of these is financing the project, as complete remodels can be extremely expensive. Here are four of the best ways to find the money you need to redo your home. Take Out a Home […]

The Benefits of Social Selling for Your Business

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Businesses and people have one crucial thing in common — they’re ever-evolving works in progress, thriving on connection. Just as people need connections to reach their full potential, so businesses need customers. These two can and do co-exist and overlap in the landscape of social networks. You’ve got something to sell and your potential prospects […]

Ideas on How to Make Your House Unique

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Making your home unique, making it memorable is one of the objectives that every homeowner comes across at one point. This is really somewhat of a challenge and there are many ways to overcome it. First, you can rework an already existing element in order to make it into something completely unique. You could pick […]

Smart Ways to Cut Business Costs

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The business world has seen better days. This year, COVID-19 caused a massive percentage of small businesses to close temporarily, but even those that remain operational are increasingly fragile financially. It goes without saying that in these times, reducing costs as much as possible is of the utmost importance to keep your business afloat. Here […]