Bridging Loans – Expensive or Cost-Effective?

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Bridging loan application volumes and completions in the UK recently hit record highs. This suggests that the popularity of bridging loans is accelerating, but there are still countless misconceptions about bridging finance doing the rounds. One of which being the expensiveness or otherwise of bridging loans. The True Costs of Bridging Loans As is the […]

Tips on Creating a Video Game Company

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A few years ago I worked on a game that was nothing more than financial black hole. It was a project of passion, and as is so often the case with projects of passion, it took my money, gave me nothing in return and left me broke.  Fast forward a few years and I tried […]

Wealthy and Wise: 4 Ways to Build Your Home Equity

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Building equity in your current home can help increase its value, which may get you a bigger return if you ever decide to sell. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are several simple ways to increase your home’s equity. Following these four suggestions can help you raise your equity in almost no […]

Overcoming the Struggle: 5 Effective Ways out of Debt That’s Dragging You Down

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Feeling as though your debt is holding you back in your life and looking for a way to seek financial freedom and free yourself to live the life you want to live. While looking at your bank balance and monthly balance sheets and reports can be disheartening, take this day as your first step towards […]

The Proven Benefits Of Outsourcing For Small Businesses

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One of the biggest decisions that most small businesses have to weigh up is whether or not they should outsource some of their tasks and projects. This can be a tough choice as there are a few different pros and cons that need to be taken into consideration. However, when it comes to small businesses, […]

Getting Your Finances Together After An Accident

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It can feel extremely worrying trying to piece back together your life after an accident. Not only have you been through the ringer, but you might have to deal with a range of important life considerations even when injured or otherwise lacking the pure energy you might have had beforehand. Of course, a great social […]

Types of Emergency Funds to Consider

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For those that might be in a financial rut, not to worry! Emergency funds are typically readily available for a variety of situations: Medical bills that need to be paid as soon as possible. Car accident that requires immediate repairs. Court or lawyer bills for a lawsuit or other legal troubles. Home or utility bills […]

4 Things You Can Sell for Extra Money on the Side

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If you need to make some extra cash to pay bills or other expenses, there are items that you may have that can be sold for money. Some of your current possessions may be in high demand and might sell quickly to buyers who are willing to pay top dollar. Here are four things that […]

Making Your Business Fully Remote 101

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Nowadays, remote working is becoming a concept that we meet every day. Even in traditional businesses, chances are that you’ll wrap up your work when you get home or at least use your personal computer to respond to a couple of corporate emails. Well, if this is so, why not just move your entire business […]

Investing in a Startup: What You Need to Know

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More and more people are getting tired of pressure from their bosses at work and unfulfilling jobs they have. Those who think that they have something unique to offer to the world often decide to start their own business. Now, starting a business is in no way a walk in the park as there are […]