How Top Entrepreneurs Set Themselves Apart, and How You Can Follow Suit

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If you’re planning to start your first business in 2019, to make some of your long-held career and personal goals come true, don’t jump into the deep end without having first done everything you can to give yourself the best chance of success. While there are many upsides to working for yourself, there are also […]

How Can You Mitigate Bad Debts?

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When your customers fail to pay you what they owe, your company can be affected surprisingly quickly, hampering its ability to maintain a healthy cash flow and pay its own liabilities. Having a robust collection process in place coupled with being proactive in chasing up late payers can be the difference between receiving the money […]

5 Actionable Tips for Improving Your Business Plan

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Whether you’re an existing small startup company or a big company looking to improve its business and perhaps even expand – you need a killer, foolproof business plan. Perhaps you have already written one, but as every project proposal writer will tell you – all business plans are wrong. They are wrong the minute you […]

Why Organizations Prefer to Create Teams to Deliver the Best Results

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Teamwork plays a critical role in influencing employee performance that translates into better efficiencies and enhanced productivity. Teamwork also reflects the company culture that banks on togetherness of employees who stay highly motivated to give their best always. Putting collective ideas at work is the best way to encourage innovation, and it is only possible […]

What Are the Reasons a House Can Be Repossessed and How Can You Stop It?

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House repossession is any homeowner’s worst nightmare. This is where a mortgage lender or other loan provider starts the legal process to take possession of your home. If successful, they will then sell it at the best price possible in order to recoup any outstanding debts that you owe them. It’s obviously in your best […]

3 Essentials You Need To Figure Out Before The Construction Of Your New Family House

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Have you ever asked yourself why you see new construction projects coming up everywhere? Well, they are supposed to cater for the increasing population and also increasing needs of families. Perhaps at one point, an individual had a one bedroom house. With time he or she gets a bigger family and he or she has […]

Is Governance Helping You or Slowing You Down?

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We’ve worked with many organizations that have put in place some fairly mature project management processes and implemented what they call ‘Governance’. While we 100% support the practice of providing a defined process around project, program and portfolio management we have detected a trend in organizations experiencing some unintended consequences of governance. Specifically, adopting a […]

How to Stay Financially Stable Despite Unexpected Bills

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Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Part of the challenge of living is learning how to adapt to changes and grow from failures and mistakes. Of course, not all of the unexpected changes in life are going to be something you can tackle, and many of them may create additional challenges. Anything from […]

Banking Bonanza: Why You Need to Save up for the Future

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Life can get pretty expensive. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you reside. You need money to make things happen in this world. If you want your life to be pleasant, comfortable and liberating, then you have to prioritize saving well. Thankfully, saving money for the future doesn’t have to seem intimidating or […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Home-Based Business

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Starting a home-based business is stressful. For many first-time entrepreneurs, the hardest part isn’t filing the paperwork or getting your first customers, it’s navigating the world of business ownership all on your own. It’s easy to make mistakes when you’re figuring it out alone, but in the business world, small mistakes can cost you big. […]