Reaping the Benefits: How to Make Insurance Work for You

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When you’re in the market for insurance, you may be tempted to get the process over and done with right away. However, you might not get the best deal that way. Take the time and follow these steps! Shop Around Always compare prices with different companies. Different companies will be able to offer you similar […]

Use These Four Techniques to Manage Your Budget

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A project by definition will always have a limited timeframe and a budget. The project cost estimate is the amount of money you expect to spend on the project. The “budget” is how you track the money in your company financials. For instance, your total estimated cost may be $100,000 USD. However, the budget may […]

4 Reasons to Have a Rainy Day Fund

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A rainy day fund can fulfill many different needs. It can be there for you when you need to go shopping for a new interview outfit, it can help you pay for unexpected car breakdowns, and it can even be there to help you indulge in some pizza and movie therapy after a rough day. […]

All you Need to know about Personal Loan Interest Rates in India

Friday, July 8, 2016, AM | 1 Comment

Summary: Personal Loans offer easy and quick cash, but even these loans come with a cost—interest rates. Read on to figure out what Personal Loan interest rates are all about. Almost everyone saves, be it money or supplies, for a rainy day. But high inflation often eats into your savings, leaving you in a crunch […]

Five Characteristics That Make a Great Finance Manager

Thursday, July 7, 2016, AM | 3 Comments

If you are finding it hard to find a job as a finance professional in the current job market, may be better showcasing of your knowledge and vital traits of the finance industry is all that is needed. This post is meant to act as a guide for carving a niche in the finance industry, […]

9 High-Risk Payment Gateways Ideal to prevent Ecommerce Business Frauds

Wednesday, July 6, 2016, AM | 2 Comments

About eCommerce Payment Frauds Since we’re living in these modern times, and we are purchasing almost everything via the Internet, you need to know that same Internet is the place where you can get conned easily. You have to prepare if you want to protect yourself from that kind of frauds, and one of the […]

What Does a College Degree Mean for your Future Professional Development?

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It is not that big of a secret that the days when the college degree was considered a “get-out-of-your-parents’-home” card, and the job we got after the graduation was the job that we would continue doing until we retire, are long gone. With the things as they are, all aspiring young persons have to ask […]

Things to know when you start saving up for your first home deposit

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You have certainly had a dream of owning a home, a place where you can possibly raise a family and have a big compound where your children can roam around freely. This is a dream that will require you to manage your finances accordingly in order to fulfill it. You also can be one of […]

Use Training to Enhance Your Knowledge and Experience

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The nature of work changes frequently. The challenges associated with it are very real and should be dealt with accordingly. Rapid change requires a skilled, knowledgeable workforce with employees who are adaptive, flexible, and focused on the future. As a project manager, one of your key responsibilities is to develop yourself and your staff on […]

Equity Advantage – Using Your Home’s Value to Save Money

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Treating your home like a piggy bank isn’t necessarily a good idea, especially if you are tapping your home equity to pay for things like vacations. However, there are some good reasons to take advantage of your home equity. Here are some ways to use your home’s value to save money. Consolidate Debt One of […]