5 Dos and Don’ts of Being a Freelancer

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Though many of us dream of going out on our own, the prospect of going freelance can be an intimidating one—but it can be done, and quite successfully. After four years as a freelancer, I’ve learned a few dos and don’ts of the job. Here are my top five. Do set up an office at […]

Stand-Out In Your Chosen Field With Expert Mentoring and Guidance

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If you have a dream, it is apparent that you would want it to be successful! For instance, if you wish to become a leading, motivating speaker, financial consultant or a corporate training coach, you would want to excel phenomenally. You would seek success and expansion to the extent that people know your name globally […]

Hacks for Fast Growth of Your Business

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The reason why term fast growth usually has a negative connotation in the context of business is due to the fact that people often mistake fast and hasty. You see, hasty is rushed and full of room for errors, whereas fast merely means that you get to your break-even point a lot faster. Think about […]

4 Techniques to Help Put Away Money for Needed Home Repairs

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The benefits of owning a home are great, but there are also some downsides of which you should be aware. For example, you are now responsible for needed repairs and regular home maintenance. You can no longer rely on your landlord to do these things for you or to come through whenever you have a […]

Is It Possible to Junk a Car Without a Title?

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No one wants to keep a damaged car home! Instead, if there a possibility of junking the car and earning cash in return, most vehicle owners would want to opt-in for that. The process of salvaging a car requires you to submit essential documents, like the registration proof as well the title. However, there are […]

5 Tips to Save Money When Travelling

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It is possible to make your travel dreams a reality, even on a tight budget! People who travel frequently have it figured out that you don’t have to be very lucky, independently wealthy or jobless to be able to travel to your heart’s content. Yes, it is important to understand that there are no free […]

Ways to Improve Your Financial Literacy

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Financial literacy is not something a lot of people can boast with, which is unfortunate. The fact of the matter is that as soon as you start working on becoming more financially literate, the better your financial future will be. Now, the good news is that, nowadays, there are a lot of ways you can […]

Agile 101. Are Two Programmers Better than One?

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One of the most interesting aspects of Agile methodologies is the technique of pair programming. This is specifically described in the Extreme Programming (XP) model. When I mention pair programming for the first time I am usually met something like “Dude you can’t be serious.”. On the surface, this seems counter intuitive. After all, isn’t […]

What Are the Problems Related to Social Security Cards?

Saturday, February 2, 2019, 6:00 AM | 2 Comments

A social security card is an important document that everyone must have. In case you do not have one do not hesitate to get one made. Want to apply for a new social security card? But do not want to wait in the long queue to get your application processed. There is a hassle-free way […]

Drowning in Debt? 5 Financial Steps to Take Today

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Debt can accumulate to a point that it exacts strains on your finances, emotional state and even relationships. Problems with debt often signal a need for prompt action and serious evaluation of your habits and priorities. Here are five ways you can quickly address mounting debt.  Stop the Spending By trimming expenses or resisting the […]