Keep Track Of Saving Opportunities On Your Mobile Phone

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My 20-year old son is very much careless about using his debit card. He uses it to buy $3 or $5 worth of fast food just to satisfy his craving for it. He is not careful enough to check his debit account whether he has the money in the account or not. Three times during […]

10 Easy Steps To Finding The Best Mortgage Lender

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When you need the best financial adviser, you look for the best. When you need a good tax preparer, you find a good one. On the same token, when you look for a good and an effective mortgage lender, you look for the best mortgage lender. These days, because of the so many scams going […]

5 Tips To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurs are usually thought of as risk takers. True, they take risk but calculated risk at that. A true entrepreneur works constantly and always does due diligence to maximize the odds of success. Entrepreneurship is a state of mind where it must follow to imagine and predict what is possible and most important to execute […]

10 Tips To Shape Up Your Finances in 2010

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Most folks have resolutions for the new year in terms of a healthy weight, quit smoking and get more exercise. Because of the bad economic situation and the increasingly unpredictable future for personal finances, this new year is an excellent opportunity for folks to shape up financially. May that be getting out of debt, raising […]

5 Steps To Consider Before You Start Your Own Business

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It’s hard to start a new business of your own in this lousy economy. But there are folks who still do it and do it successfully. If you have lost your job and cannot get into the work force right away, or probably you have a job and want to start your own business, there […]

“No Child Left Behind” and current financial crisis. Parallels?

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New York Times online has an article – an editorial – on Thursday, February 4. The title of the article is “Making ‘No Child’ Better .” The editorial is written stating how best to make the ‘No Child Left Behind Education Act of 2002’ better and make it work. However, I see some parallels between […]

Will politics or hard-core economic policies reduce deficit?

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New York Times online has an article written by Paul Krugman on Thursday, February 4. The title of the article is “Fiscal Scare Tactics.” The crust of the article is there is a huge difference of opinion between what you see and hear on TV from economics commentators and the many hard-core economists of the […]

How Do We Avoid Another Recession In The Future?

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New York Times online has an article written by William D. Cohen on Thursday, February 4. The title of the article is “Mystery Men of the Financial Crisis.” The crust of the article is that we still don’t know what led the economy to the disaster that we encountered and so wholeheartedly accepted. The economists […]

Tax Changes In 2009 You Should Know Before You File

Friday, February 5, 2010, 1:03 AM | 3 Comments

For folks, who don’t do taxes themselves but get them done by professionals, I want to say this. Don’t be afraid to do them yourself. Each year, there are some changes in the tax code that you should know about before you file your taxes in the following year before April 15. Most of the […]

Foreclosure Does Not Necessarily Mean Zero Mortgage Balance

Thursday, February 4, 2010, 2:45 AM | 3 Comments

Media have reported millions of homes that have been foreclosed by banks the past year or so. That does not necessarily mean, after the foreclosure, the homeowners are off the hook from then on and the mortgage balance would automatically come down to zero. In cases where the bank auctioned off the home for less […]