Kindle 2 Price Plunge Signals Market Competition

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Nearly five months to the day after Amazon introduced its Kindle 2 E-reader, the company has decided to hack a full $60 off of the price tag in order to offer it to US consumers for $299. Yesterday, Amazon quietly lowered the price on its Kindle 2 e-book reader. That didn’t take long: The Kindle […]

Tips For Investing Strategy If You Have Plenty Of Savings

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Savings is good. The more you save, the better it is for you and your family. If you can’t pay for something, don’t buy it. Your ultimate goal should be a comfortable retirement for yourself and college for the kids. Excerpts from the article on CNN The Aquinos live by a simple rule: “If we […]

6 Big jobs remain recession-resistant

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Because of this lousy market and the deepest recession in memory, every which way you look at it, jobs are being eliminated. It’s hard to think that there will be new jobs available. The Obama Administration says it is willing to provide money and other resources to create jobs in certain industries that were important […]

One Of The Most Successful Entrepreneurs – Michael Jackson

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According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, the definition of an entrepreneur is someone “who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.” Michael Jackson certainly personifies this definition. Regardless of what one thinks of his music or his life choices, it is easy to recognize how enormously productive Michael Jackson was. He broke all […]

SEC Froze Assets Of Provident Royalties

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The Securities and Exchange Commission has obtained an emergency asset freeze in a $485 million offering fraud and Ponzi scheme orchestrated by three Dallas businessmen through a company they owned and controlled, Provident Royalties LLC. The SEC alleges that from at least June 2006 through January 2009, Provident made a series of fraudulent securities offerings […]

Your first obligation is to your loved ones

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In ethics as in financial planning, we must satisfy our needs first than our wants. We are in the shittiest of deepest recession we have ever been in. [This is the consensus of the economists and financial gurus]. No matter how painful a decision you make, it must be for the overall benefit of your […]

You Are Penniless Because Your Brain Simplifies Complexities

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I don’t know much about what Einstein did as far as his research and publishing papers. If he simplified the complexities of the universe in his papers, then it seems now that one side of his brain was dead. If he left the universe alone and let it be a complex universe that we don’t […]

Emily Says The Thought Of Repaying Rented Money Never Hit Her

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There is an article at titled “Tips On Consolidating Student Loans” by David K. Randall, published on 04.15.09. Excerpts from the article It seemed like Monopoly money to her. Emily, a New York University senior who prefers not to use her last name, took on thousands of dollars of student-loan debt without giving it […]

Be In Control Of Your Financial Life

Saturday, July 4, 2009, 7:34 AM | 1 Comment

There is an article at titled “What I’ve Learned: Once A Broke Student, Now A CEO” written by David K. Randall, published on 07.02.09. The article tells the story of Betsy McLaughlin who is now CEO of Hot Topic – The Company is a mall- and web-based specialty retailer operating the Hot Topic and […]

Job openings in financial-services are on the rise

Thursday, July 2, 2009, 7:33 AM | 1 Comment

Many financial news and recruiters suggest jobs in financial sector are easing up on skilled job seekers. The improving financial markets and increasing investor confidence seem to be the main catalyst. Some firms that had laid off too many employees at first are now in a position for rehiring. Most desired are proven performers skilled […]