Top Questions to Ask Yourself When Assessing Your Career

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There comes a time in your working life where you would ask yourself if you are on the right place. It could be when you just started your first job and have zero clue whether everything would work out, or it could come when you have been grinding for so long you start to wonder […]

Avoiding Debt: 4 Tips to Help You Live within Your Means

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Living above your means is not difficult to do. You may look at your paycheck and see that you make a decent wage. Once you factor your bills and other expenses you may have for a pay period, you realize you don’t have as much money as you thought you did. Here are four tips […]

How to Start Your Next Project

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Your company wants to do the next project and your department has been selected to go about it. You as Project Manager are given the responsibility to start, execute and finish the project quickly, efficiently and within the budget. Every time you are given a new project, take these steps to ensure you are on […]

The Most Important Facts About Family Financial Planning

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According to Maggie McGrath at, 63 percent of Americans don’t have the savings to cover a $500 emergency expense. That’s the cost of a brake job, a new stove, or an air conditioner repair. What’s worse, many households still don’t set up a budget, they mostly scrawl the figures out on scrap paper or […]

Financial Tips for When Your Car Conks Out

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When your car or van leaves you sitting, how do you get around without paying high taxi rates or for Uber rides to and from work? There are ways to save money over the long-term when you have breakdowns. We give you four financial options to protect your paycheck in this post.  Get a temporary […]

How to Protect Medical Data & Plan for Disaster

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Medical establishments must understand going in that a patient’s private data should never be compromised or lost under any circumstances. There can be many reasons why data can vanish, whether it be from a computer hacker, a dying hard drive, or the destruction of records from an uneducated employee. Because of these potential hazards, it […]

3 Household Inefficiencies that Cost You Money Every Day

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The purchase and maintenance of our homes is, without a doubt, one of the greatest ongoing expenses any homeowner has to shoulder. Indeed, if you aren’t operating your house with the same care and efficiency that you would operate a business, you are wasting money every hour of every day. Fortunately, there are many simple […]

4 Tips for Building a Brand on a Budget

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The idea that you need a big budget to establish a business and to turn a profit is a misconception. This is true regardless of your niche and your goal. The simple fact is, there are always ways to drastically reduce your outgoings and to get that business off the ground for a fraction of […]

5 Easy Ways to Save Money Every Month

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The United States is a highly consumeristic society, and our ancestors would shudder if they saw how much the average citizen wastes on a daily basis. This waste is actually good for the economy, as it promotes more spending which ensures the economy continues to get a boost. However, it’s not good for the individual […]

Pulling up Stakes: How to Get the Most out of Your Investment

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When your home is your investment, you have to take certain steps when you decide that you want to cash out. In order to get the most out of your investment, the market needs to work in your favor. Here are some of the ways that you can help to increase your chances of making […]