How Baby Boomers Can Sell to Millennials

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There are more than 7.3 millennials living in Canada, making them the fastest growing demographic group since baby boomers. The odds are that if you’ve got Nanaimo BC real estate for sale, you’ll be marketing to millennials. Here’s how to make your home attractive to millennials, plus some important bonus tips on successfully marketing and […]

Facing Bankruptcy? Here’s What You Can Do

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Life sometimes hands you lemons. You may be facing medical issues, lost your job, or are living paycheck to paycheck. Whatever the reason for your financial troubles, it doesn’t make it any easier to handle. What are your options if you are stretched thin and don’t know how you are going to pay your bills? […]

How to Ask for a Pay Raise

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If you’ve been working at your job for years, made some important changes that benefitted your employer, or honed your skills and increased your value, you’re probably deserving of a pay raise. If your employer doesn’t automatically recognize your contributions and offer that pay raise on their own, you may need to start that discussion […]

5 Steps to Take in a Document Life Cycle as Project Manager

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Like many other things, document management should be an integral part of communication management. Some folks think that complete documentation wastes time. On the contrary, documentation saves time for a long time to come. It’s up to the project manager to have the project documented in an organized fashion in his/her own way. However, there […]

Ready to Be Your Own Boss? How to Financially Plan When Starting Your Own Business

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Are you ready to be your own boss? Taking the leap into self-employment can be exciting, but it is a lot of hard work. Regardless of what type of business you own, being your own boss can be overwhelming if you don’t have the guidance on how to get started. There are some things you […]

How Smart Homeowners Manage Their Insurance Payments

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Many responsibilities come along with owning your own home. Your insurance coverage is one of those responsibilities. Here are some helpful tips on managing your insurance so you can be effective at doing so. Get the Right Insurance Policy Getting the right insurance policy for your home should be your first step. You need a […]

4 Important Expenses to Cover When Purchasing a Vintage Car

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Having a classic car can be a great experience. It can also be far more expensive than one might think. If you’re looking for a classic car, you’ll want to consider the additional costs listed below. Maintenance Maintenance costs are a part of owning any type of car, but they’re especially important to remember if […]

4 Overlooked Ways to Save Money at Your Business

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Owning and running a business can feel like a herculean task at times. No matter how much effort you put in, you may just barely make enough revenue to stay afloat. Overall, part of running a business includes finding different ways to slash costs. If you can bring down your overhead expense, you can widen […]

The Cost of Investing in Gold: Pros and Cons of This Popular Metal

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When it comes to investing your hard-earned money, it is always a good idea to diversify. In addition to traditional stocks and bonds, you might also want to take a look at some of the pros and cons of investing in gold. Cost One of the best aspects of buying gold is the fact that […]

Ready to Move? 4 Tips for Deciding the Best Time to Buy

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Housing can cost a large chunk of your money every month. Because of this, you want to make sure that you live in a home that is suitable for your needs. If you are considering buying a home for the first time of if you are questioning is it time to sell my house, you […]