Supplement Your Income: How to Monetize Your Skills

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Next time you are wondering where you can that extra dollar from a side hustle, the answer should be: Monetize everything. But what does it mean? Monetizing everything simply means turning things into revenue-generating items. In this case, “your everything” could be your hard-learned skills. You’ve spent years trying to add skills to your portfolio […]

An Overview of the Samsung Galaxy S8

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Samsung Galaxy S8 is among the top smartphones you will ever find in the market today. Among other features, the S8 is renowned for its beautiful and truly iconic bezel-less display. Not to forget, the excellent screen that is of up to standard quality and the improved battery life. Two years after the launch, Samsung […]

How to Successfully Manage Your Gaming Expenses

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Gaming expenses can get out of hand pretty swiftly. It can be hard for avid gamers to keep up with the rest of the pack. Brand new games seem to pop up practically daily. If you want to take charge of all of your gaming expenses, however, there are various things that can aid you […]

Have a Blow-Out on Your Commute? How to Save Money on New Tires

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There’s never a good time to blow out a tire. No matter when it happens, you’re going to be inconvenienced – and you’re also going to have to figure out how to afford another tire. While this emergency expenditure can be tough, there are ways to reduce your costs. Below are four ways you can […]

3 Ways You Can Speed up Your Retirement Saving

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Are you behind on retirement savings? Are you interested in retiring early? Regardless of your specific goals, the key to achieving them lies in stepping up your saving and investing efforts. In addition to scaling back on personal spending and making larger regular contributions, there are a few effective strategies that you can employ for […]

10 Terms You Should Know as Project Manager

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As an experienced project manager, I am sure you are familiar with all 10 terms described down below. But if you are just starting out as project manager, then you may or may not be familiar with them. If you have gone to school to learn project management, then I am sure you understand them. […]

Home Improvement Tips to Increase the Value of Your Property

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Home improvement projects can be exciting to plan, but they can also be both expensive and time-consuming. Naturally, this means you’re going to need to pick and choose which projects you do. If you’re considering some home improvements in the near future, here are a few suggestions for projects that will make your home nicer […]

Why all Smartphones are Including AI Features

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Artificial intelligence is the most sought-after subject when it comes to innovation and research. AI is leaving its mark on almost all of the areas of concern like finance, medical, businesses and many more. Mobile app development is not an exception. Mobile app development has mushroomed over the past few years. It is gaining momentum […]

Average Costs to Start a Health Club

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Albeit starting a health club may take some effort, it is a rewarding task. The fact that the health industry in the U.S. is worth ca. $30bn and that it has been growing ca. 3 percent annually, it naturally follows that it is a lucrative business. The average American spends $155 monthly or $112,000 annually […]

Lesser-Known Benefits of Pet Insurance

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Pets are becoming big business around the globe. People are increasing their budget for pet care and also the pet care industry is seeing a boom. Although a major part of your pet budget goes into food and other supplies, a considerable amount also goes to veterinary bills. This is where pet insurance plans come […]