Use a Risk Management Plan to Proactively Manage Risks on Your Project

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Your Risk Management Plan describes how you will define and manage risk on the project. This document does not actually describe the risks and the responses. This document defines the process and techniques you will use to define the risks and the responses. The information in this plan includes: Purpose Include a general description of […]

Broken Bones and Broken Wallets: How a Personal Injury Can Reshape Your Personal Finances

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If you have recently been involved in a personal injury situation, you might be wondering how it will affect your life. Not only do you have to worry about physical pain, but you also have to worry about other aspects of your life. For example, a personal injury can truly change your financial situation. These […]

Differences Between Business Broadband And Home Broadband That Increases Your Business Revenue

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You have decided you need a broadband for your small business and you are in dilemma over whether you should pick business or home broadband. As a business person, you always try to choose the best option that will impact your business positively. So would your business benefit from a business broadband or a home […]

5 Biggest Mistakes Online Businesses Make

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Starting with a good idea which slowly developed into a small business is a great thing. When choosing whether to run a ‘traditional’ or an online business, many people opt for the latter because of lower risks. Still, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any risks at all. You need to build credibility while simultaneously […]

Top 3 Ways to Promote Your Business Without Investing Too Much

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When you are starting a new business, your primary focus should be on high-quality service and advertising. If you don’t advertise your company, you will fly under the radar and go unnoticed by a lot of potential customers. But investing a lot of money in advertising is not always a possibility. Luckily, there are low-cost […]

Understanding The Financial Difference Between A Home Warranty And Home Owner’s Insurance

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Buying and owning a home is no small feat, and to make sure your investment in your home stands strong, you’ll need to watch your policies for it. Your options include but are not limited to homeowner’s insurance and a home warranty; many people have both. Before diving into either, though, it’s important to know […]

What Are the Most Traded Currencies in the World?

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The Foreign Exchange market, also known as the “Forex market”, enables traders to buy and sell positions on a wide range of currency pairs. The UFX currency trading platform gives you the chance to profit from the appreciation or depreciation of one currency against another. The platform offers trading opportunities on major currencies like the […]

Have You Used These Five Non-Standard Project Management Techniques?

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There are multiple ways to manage and monitor your projects. Many are “standard” models you read in most columns. However, sometimes there are reasons to implement a non-standard model. Here are five examples. Hands-off – Remote Control This means that you get a sense of what is occurring on your project by reviewing the schedule, […]

Saving Grace: How Can Families Financially Plan for Required Auto Repairs?

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Auto repairs often happen unexpectedly, and dealing with them could leave you in a dire situation if you do not have the cash on hand to pay for them. Instead of taking out a payday loan or going into debt in order to fix your car, you can plan ahead using these four tips. Start […]

6 Questions to Ask Your Tree Service Expert

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Caring for the trees on your property is a job best left to the professionals. A knowledgeable arborist will know when a tree in healthy or diseased. He or she will understand the best way and appropriate time of year to prune a tree or whether it needs to come down. And, they will be […]