5 Surefire Tips for Getting Your Rent Deposit Back

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You are all excited about getting into a new apartment. You can practically smell the new carpet and paint smell in the back of your mind. It is going to be great, because you will have friends, family and may even have that special someone spend the night. But, before you move your bags in, […]

How to Make Health and Dental Care More Affordable

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Unfortunately, health and dental care are not always affordable. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to take care of yourself. Here are a few ways you can work on making both health and dental care a bit more affordable, so it doesn’t drain your entire bank account. Get Health Insurance An easy way […]

6 Ways To Make Your Business Card Look Perfect

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Even in today’s digital world, the popularity of business cards has not faded off. No matter if a company is small, midsized, or a large one, the use of business cards is very common in all of them. In day to day business activities, the business cards serve great purpose. For example, when you dole […]

How to effectively manage office waste

Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 6:00 AM | 4 Comments

Office waste is the most poorly managed waste. Despite being the most recyclable waste, it may end up as landfill due to inadequate management mechanisms. Office waste management is a hot topic because a significant amount of it ends up as landfill as a result of poor management and the fluff that increases its volumes. […]

Life Insurance- Financial Security after Death

Tuesday, March 6, 2018, 6:00 AM | 2 Comments

Term life and whole life are the main life insurance policies. It is always important to familiarize yourself with the policy options that are available. There are numerous advantages that are linked to both permanent and term life insurance. Protection The main advantage of taking out life insurance is protection. Dying without life insurance can […]

Keeping Your Cash Flow Constant in 2018

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As we begin 2018, in the United States, the economy overall is doing well, and that’s good news for entrepreneurs and traditional business women alike. However, that good news only remains a positive component of business if those who can use it advantageously do so; managing to do that will mean also successfully keeping your […]

Six Reasons Companies Struggle Implementing Project Management

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There are many companies that do not have common project management processes, templates, approach and skills. One initial observation is that companies that don’t manage projects well are usually run by senior managers who never learned formal project management themselves. It is hard for them to lead culture change around project management when they don’t […]

How To Take Control Over Your Compulsive Shopping Habits

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There’s no question the nation has a debt problem. We collectively owe an almost unnamable number of dollars in debt, as the Treasury Department’s website indicates. The average household credit card debt stands at $16,883 but there are outliers who have double, triple and even quadruple that amount. Many have a penchant to overspend, whether it’s […]

5 Ways in Which the Stock Market Affects the Economy

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Anything that has to do with the earning ability of any individual will have an effect on the economy. It is an open secret that unemployment is a major factor in a weakened economy. If there is no money changing hands, then the economy is not as dandy as one would hope. If the share […]

Financial Wellness Tips for Expecting Parents

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If you’re an expecting parent, you might be feeling a little unsteady right now. Go ahead, have a seat and let it all sink in. This is one of the most exciting, scary, unpredictable, and rewarding experiences of your life. Financial wellness could be the first or the last thing on your mind right now. […]