What Are the Overall Financial Costs of Adding Another Child to Your Family?

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Raising a child is never easy, especially if you already have other little ones to care for. Some things might be reusable or one-off expenses, but there are other things that you have to budget from week-to-week. The cost of having a child keeps going up with inflation, and you can count on sudden expenses […]

3 Tips to Avoid Tax Fraud

Wednesday, June 7, 2017, 6:00 AM | 2 Comments

The government has noted that tax fraud contributes to $64 billion dollars in lost revenue annually. They are taking a tougher stance on tax fraud and more people are being audited or held liable in federal court than ever before. While it is possible to get help if you have been a victim of tax […]

Fast Financing: 5 Tips for Getting a Payday Loan Approved

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An occasional payday loan may be your ticket to affording an unexpected bill, taking a needed vacation or paying for a wedding. Rather than taking out a personal loan that you may have difficulty being approved for, you may try a payday loan office either in person or online. Payday loans are often easier to […]

How to Make Your Medical Bills More Affordable

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Even if you have health insurance, it can be difficult to pay medical bills after a long illness, surgery, or accident. Millions of people have to file for bankruptcy each year because of medical bills. In fact, it is estimated that 62 percent of personal bankruptcy cases are due to medical bills. With all the […]

Use These Four Techniques for Managing Issues

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Issues are problems that will impede the progress of your project, and are not within the control of the project team to resolve. They need outside help. Use these four issues management techniques on your projects. Understand the Difference Between Issues Vs Action Items In many cases, project managers are not using the Issues Log […]

Energy Expense: How Frugal Folks Save Money on Their Power Bills

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Though homes are more energy efficient than ever, most homeowners still have places where they could save money on their energy use. It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort or investment to save big on your home’s energy costs. Here are some ways that frugal folks save money on their power bills. Unplug Those […]

Major Pain: How to Recover Your Finances After a Serious Injury

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A serious injury is never a good place to find yourself in. Being in a major accident can cause lasting damage that does serious physical harm. With those injuries come costs. These costs can seem to attack from all angles, from doctor and hospital bills to physical therapy and perhaps not being able to work […]

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Life Insurance Policy?

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Your family’s financial needs change over the years, and you will have to make a few changes to keep up. You need to go over your life insurance policy and make any necessary changes to ensure you have the protection you need. You need to have a comprehensive life insurance policy that would replace your […]

Make Environment Smile with These 7 Simple Office Changes

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With the ongoing debate on the truth of global warming and dwindling natural resources, many have been inspired to take actions into their own hands. While a number of individuals and families have gone green years ago, nowadays we are seeing more and more great corporations stepping up their game and choosing to do their […]

How To Keep On Top Of Your Finances

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As you begin to grow up, you will understand that keeping on top of your finances grows in importance. This is normally because you are having to deal with more and more responsibilities, such as renting a flat, owning or leasing a car, or even having children. Keeping on top of your finances is imperative […]