Path To Your Personal Social Network Of 50 Friends

Saturday, November 20, 2010, 6:09 AM | 4 Comments

A new social network known as Path has debuted on November 15 that is very personal and can have no more than 50 close friends. You will share pictures you take every day with your mobile device with your closest friends and family. The three main figures behind Path are Dustin Mierau, Matt Van Horn, and Dave Morin. The latter helped build Facebook Connect and the Facebook Platform. He left his former employer this year to start his own venture.

Individual friends vs Business friends

Path was launched on Monday November 15. The co-founders believe Facebook can have almost unlimited friends and that there is not enough close relationship developed among them. Each user on Path cannot have more than 50 friends. I guess that’s all one needs as friends.

A business on the other hand can take advantage of all the “friends” it can muster. If a business is able to determine a way to take advantage of the millions of potential customers on Facebook, then imagine how many of them can companies impress upon their services. At last count, there were more than 500 million “faces with books” attached to their accounts.

In using Facebook, people must both agree to be friends, but can have thousands of them. In using Twitter, anyone can choose to receive a user’s posts. Path seems to be a reaction to such social networks by limiting one’s friends to the founders’ selected magic number of 50.

Mr. Morin said in one interview…

If you look at how these networks are grown, they start out really high-quality and as more and more people join, it becomes hard to find people you care about. With Path, you have to be friends with them in the real world in order for them to pop up on your screen

In the beginning, there was light…

Path is starting out with, what else, iPhone app and a website and plans to build apps for Android and BlackBerry. The apps seem to be an integral part of several big trends. They all take advantage of cellphone cameras that have improved tremendously over the last few years.

People are taking more photos than ever before with these cameras. Take pictures, connect with Path and send them to your closest 50 friends that you care about. Path believes you don’t have to send them to millions.

Newly-minted entrepreneurs and investors are betting that these “amateur” photographers also want to share their handiwork, especially in real-time and linked to their location.

In a Nutshell
Founders of Path want to build a broader mobile network, not just photo-sharing apps. It envisions a day when people start using a new mobile social network, in addition to Facebook, to share photos, videos and other things with a close-knit group.

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