People Cannot Be Totally Free Without Money

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People cannot be totally free without having money. It’s a symbol of energy, of power. However, the love of money can sometimes cause people to act evil. Poverty is injustice that any nation or government can impose on its people.

For some having an abundance in life is a way of life.

For others poverty clings to them and never leaves them til death do them apart. For them death turns out to be the only way to get rid of poverty.

People Cannot Be Totally Free Without Money

To liberate yourself, and not to be too philosophical about it, you have to think many times over the reason for having abundance in life relative to your personal finances.

Only then you can fashion an appropriate battle plan that will take you from skimpy into lush.

We are constantly but not necessarily consistently on a quest for money.

  • Money stealing is no freedom – it’s suffocation

    Some say there are loads of ways to acquire wealth. You could get rich by stealing the money if only temporarily.

    An example would be Bernie Madoff.

    That achieves the end result for you but with it comes certain obvious nasty implications.

    That’s the kind of money that can never give you freedom. On the contrary, it can put you behind bars for 150 years like it did Bernie.

    The most recent recession has sent out invitations to many folks to commit stealing. These invites clearly state to make a quick buck literally overnight.

    The bad economy has created so many crooks and chiselers On- and Off-line that it has become too scary to even click on an ad or talk to someone on the phone without being scammed.

  • Set honorable and fair rules for yourself

    But to really enjoy the freedom, it is satisfying to set the rules for yourself that are honorable and fair.

    Following these rules, the freedom gets delayed somewhat in your short life. But that’s OK.

    Eventually reaching it you can look back and see that each step contributed to the goodness of the environment you live in. Each move then makes you a better human being.

    You make a decision deep in your heart with yourself that what you are going to contribute to the world is energy.

    Money is one of the many forms of energy. Money that you can give to charity, money with which you can empower others, money that you can use to make your neighborhood a better place, money to eventually set you free.

    Folks who have money see an abundance of everything whereas those who don’t have will say that the money is in short supply.

    To them, it is an impossible task to have money. They would be satisfied even to have a little so that they can survive before they die.

In a Nutshell
There is an abundance of money all around you. The trick to money is having some.

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