Personal Finance Goals To Make In 2014

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Everyone knows that if your finances are in a mess, you should work hard to pay down your debt and establish an emergency fund. While these are two very important first steps, your personal financial goals should not stop there.

Personal Finance Goals To Make In 2014

Whether you are still living paycheck to paycheck or you have money left at the end of the month, here are five more personal financial goals you should make today.

  1. Catch Up On Your Bills

    Every time you pay your bills late, you rack up expensive late fees, penalties and interest, and you also damage your credit. Whether you are located in Arlington TX or Charlotte NC, commit to using your resources wisely this year. You can catch up on your finances by working extra hours, getting a second job or obtaining a payday loan from a site like

  2. Update Your Insurance

    If you do not have life insurance, you are putting your family at risk. The right life insurance plan will not only pay for your funeral and burial expenses when the inevitable happens, but it will also take care of your outstanding debts and allow you to leave an inheritance for your family.

  3. Protect Against Job Loss

    As the recent recession proved, anyone could lose their job at any time. Help protect your job by staying up to date with your professional skills and by networking when possible. Find additional income streams such as real estate or small part time jobs that could be made into a temporary source of income if needed.

  4. Help the Less Fortunate

    While it can be tempting to feel sorry for yourself when you are essentially living paycheck to paycheck, if you make only $34,000 a year, you are actually in the top one percent of the world financially. Do not wait until you have “made it” to give back. Start today. Every little bit helps.

  5. Start Saving For Your Dreams

    If you keep waiting until the time is right to pursue your dreams, you will never achieve them. Start taking the necessary steps today. Whether you want to open your own restaurant or travel the world, find out what it would take to make that happen and start stashing money away whenever you can.

This year, stop working for your money and start making your money work for you. These five tips will help you get out of debt, start saving money and live a life you can truly enjoy.

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