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Friday, February 10, 2012, 2:00 AM | 5 Comments

Personal finance is still one of the biggest issues on peoples’ minds these days. Just as the desire for prepaid cards no fees won’t soon be going away, neither will apprehension over personal finance. Fortunately, a number of online businesses have risen up to offer powerful financial planning services.

The following four programs can help you to get your finances back in line while keeping track of your purchases and debts:

  1. Mint is a free web-based financial management service by which people can keep track of their personal finances. Whether you need to organize your credit card balances, investments, or loan transactions, this site provides an extremely user-friendly interface that has made it one of the more popular online destinations for financial planners.

    Acquired by Intuit in 2009 for $170 million, Mint currently hosts over 17 million accounts and 6 million users. It has also earned numerous awards and accolades from such names as Time Magazine, PC World, and TechCrunch. Utilizing a 128-bit SSL encryption and protected by both VeriSign and TRUSTe, Mint is an excellent tool for the desktop or as a mobile app.

  2. Tweet What You Spend

    Another service that facilitates online banking and money management, Tweet What You Spend allows you to send notes to yourself about what you’ve spent. You can also keep a financial spreadsheet that can be exported and integrated into other applications. Other features include categorizing your spending and entering transactions at the point of sale. One of Twitter’s more fiscally responsible applications.

  3. CalendarBudget

    Taking over where Wesabe left off, CalendarBudget attempts to assuage debt worries by providing users with forecasting tools and personal finance software that has been crowdsourced from a wide variety of banks, credit unions, debt coaches, and financial planners. Like the aforementioned programs, with CalendarBudget you can track your spending, stem discretionary spending, and set up reminders for bills and budget necessities.

  4. Bundle

    Bundle offers many of the same services as the programs as the others except that it does not perform personal finance calculations. Instead, it contextualizes your finances in more of a social media environment. For example, Bundle allows you to estimate the cost of living in different cities based upon customizable criteria, such as your demographic or salary.

    Backed by juggernauts such as Microsoft, Citigroup, and MorningStar, Bundle provides users with a powerful database. It has plans to release an iPhone game called “ViceTracker”, which allows you to track your indulgent purchases.

In a Nutshell
If you’re looking for an innovative way to organize your finances and get an overview of your spending habits, consider trying these four programs. They all offer powerful, dynamic tools for tracking and understanding the ways in which you move money around.

Amanda Green is a guest blogger who has written extensively on the
subject of business and personal finance.

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