Personal Finances: How to Make Extra Money While Unemployed this Winter

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It’s common for many people to find themselves unemployed during the winter season, which can make it difficult to afford basic expenses or pay bills on time. While conducting a job search, it can be a long wait until landing the right position and securing a new job.

To ensure that you make ends meet this winter, there are a few ways to make extra money in practical ways.

Personal Finances How to Make Extra Money While Unemployed this Winter

  • Place Ads on Your Vehicle

    Several companies are willing to pay money to place a wrap on your vehicle that advertises their services or goods to the community.

    Apply to have a wrap placed on your car to earn an extra $100 to $300 a month simply to drive around town.

  • Take Surveys

    An easy way to stay home and earn extra cash on the Internet is to take surveys. Many different companies want customers’ feedback and opinions when it comes to marketing cell phones, electronics, and household products.

    Make it a point to complete a few surveys each day for an easy way of potentially earning hundreds of dollars a month right from the comfort of your home.

  • Sell Your DVDs

    Instead of allowing your DVDs to collect dust, make extra money by selling them to a pawn shop or various electronic stores that will be happy to have you trade them in.

    Although you may only earn a fraction of what you paid for the DVDs, it will equate to a significant amount if you have a large collection of movies to sell.

    You can either take your DVDs to a store that will buy them from you or you can sell them online through websites like

  • Rent Out a Room

    An easy way of making extra money is to rent out a room in your home.

    Although you may have less space and freedom with a new resident, it will ensure that you can make your rent or your mortgage payment on time.

  • Work as a Mystery Shopper

    More companies are looking for employees who have flexible schedules and can work undercover as a mystery shopper.

    By signing up for the right company, you can earn extra cash by dining at restaurants, visiting the movie theater, or shopping for specific products at the store.

Although it can be difficult to be unemployed during the winter season, there are several ways to earn extra cash while waiting to find a new job. You can stay busy during the day without worrying about paying your bills each month until you become employed again.

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