Pet Insurance Makes Good Financial Sense

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People have insurance for their homes and car and health. They add this insurance because when they have a problem with one of those aspects of the lives, the financial burden is enormous. Insurance offsets major costs associated with unexpected events.

Oddly enough, many people don’t carry insurance for pets. This is changing, though, as the costs of veterinary care soar.

If a pet needs surgery, or extended care, it can become very expensive quickly.

Insurance allows pet owners to pay a predictable premium instead.

Pet Insurance Makes Good Financial Sense

  • Insurance Is Great for Dogs and Cats

    Your dog or cat may need health care. If they have an accident or get sick you’ll likely run them to the vet. A routine visit is usually not a problem, but emergency care is expensive.

    Like most insurance policies, insurance for pets pays a maximum percentage of the total bill. Starting at eight weeks of age you can add insurance for your pet.

    You can’t buy insurance at the time you need it most, so plan ahead and start coverage well in advance. You can use your current vet or you may choose a new vet.

    As long as the vet is licensed in Australia, insurance will cover expenses. Even older pets are eligible for insurance. The sooner you start your policy, the better.

    It only takes one major incident to ruin your finances. There’s nothing worse than going into debt to pay an expensive pet bill.

  • Pets are Precious

    Pets are members of the family. They need our support to have long, healthy lives. They are counting on us to provide a roof over their heads and medical care if they need it. This is usually not a problem.

    Many routine costs for pets are affordable. Major illnesses or surgery are different. They are huge, unexpected bills. They can put us behind on our other obligations.

    If we have to borrow to pay the bills, our entire finances can suffer. Your precious pet needs you to be prepared for this event. Pet insurance is the way to prepare for an unexpected event by making small, predictable premium payments.

    Paying a consistent premium is much easier than coming up with a large sum at once. The same principles that apply to human insurance apply to pets as well. Insurance is a good idea. It saves us money and stress.

Dogs and cats are everywhere. There are so many of these delightful creatures around that we sometimes take them for granted. Pets need our support to thrive.

They provide us with so much joy and laughter we owe it to them to insure their health. Vet costs show no sign of going lower.

The trend in medical care, for humans and pets, is always up, up, up. Insurance is a way to fight back against high costs.

Insurance gives you peace of mind. Knowing you are prepared for a major event helps you sleep better at night. Your pet is too important to ignore.

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