Planning Guide for Creation of Cloud Solutions Strategy

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As technologies are raising their standards day by day, expectations are also increasing for creating business values. With these high expectations, enterprises can obtain mixed results.

Among the recent technologies, cloud solutions have emerged as one of the valuable skills.

Now, let us go through some effective strategies which will help in creating a successful cloud solution.

  • Hybrid IT Architecture

    As you require a matured cloud computing system to carry on all applications of enterprise, you can install an IT architecture which is highly hybrid.

    It will definitely help in providing security and agility. The cloud models are subscription based as well as customizable which helps in increasing the speed of deployment.

    The adoption process can be easy if the integration and licensing system can be properly configured.

  • Business Agility and Support

    The cloud solutions should be so organized that it can easily deliver the business agility and support.

    Though cloud is not the primary solution for increasing sales, it acts as catalyst for a successful sales activity.

    With the help of cloud solutions, enterprises can really achieve service driven as well as technology based system for delivering intelligence and information.

  • Recruitment and Training

    Enterprises should provide proper training and recruitment process for all the cloud developers, architects as well as the support professionals.

    You cannot plan the recruitment process for all the future projects right now.

    But you can plan as soon as your cloud solutions are in workable stages. If the qualified person obtains cloud certifications, he/she can definitely increase 30% to 50% in their salary depending on their positions.

    Engineers can easily differentiate themselves by providing cloud services through management as well as financial standpoints.

  • Operating Expense

    With the help of cloud solutions & strategy, the operating expenses can be measured with excellent accuracy.

    You can obtain a clear result of capital expenses and operating expenses through the cloud enterprise solutions.

    The cloud based ERP system can help in the adoption process in business though there are hindrances from monolithic ERP systems.

    Plex and SaaS are two of the applications that are used by many cloud developers due to their reasonable cost.

  • SaaS and Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    Though SaaS frameworks are existent from decades, the SLA is still facing challenges in the cloud technologies.

    Therefore, you are required to ensure that the cloud management platforms and the cloud service providers possess ISO 27001 certifications and maintain standards of Attestation Engagements.

  • Cloud Decision Framework

    A proper framework is to be created for obtaining technology evaluations and successful business strategies.

    Processes can vary from company to company but the primary application requirements should remain the same.

    Vendor selection process and business applications can play a great role if the cloud set up is properly installed.

  • Reduce Risk and Liability

    With the intensive due diligence, the risk and liability of the enterprises can be reduced.

    Irrespective of the type and process of litigation in HP autonomy, the cloud based company can maintain due diligence through the core strengths.

    The risk and liability can be decreased as you can review the financial statements properly.

  • Security Management

    The design of the security management can be assessed and controlled with the successful auditing process in the organization.

    The SaaS based manufacturing companies can easily help in maintaining proper security in the organizations through various security based customizations.

    You can get the details from and learn the security management process.

Therefore, with the proper cloud solution framework, an organization can enjoy proper IT support and services.

If the capital and the operating expenses can be properly evaluated, you can obtain a successful cloud strategy for your enterprise.

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