Planning to Invest in the Hot Real Estate Market? Here’s Why to Hire a Realtor

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Vancouver still remains one of the most vibrant property markets in North America. This is despite cooling measures including foreign buyers’ taxes.

Recent reports show more activity in the property market, making this once again a property market to look at if you are buying or selling.

Home sales have rebounded to near record sales with the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver saying there’s a shift from single-family homes to townhomes and condominiums.

While real estate remains one of the most viable investment portfolios in the city, it is important to use a qualified realtor for the transaction. Many are the investors who have burnt their fingers in a rush to get a piece of property in the hot market. Still, others have lost money by selling too soon.

All these pitfalls could be avoided by picking a certified realtor in the city to work with.

Why Use an Established Realtor in Vancouver?

Of course there are many online resources that give good advice on every city’s property market. However, no advice out there will beat the services of a good realtor.

Take a look at some of the benefits these experts bring on board:

  1. Invaluable Local Market Insight

    Whether you are a resident here or a foreign buyer, it is important to appreciate that there’s just too much happening in the property market that you don’t know.

    One of the major reasons to use a local real estate market is the fact that you will get invaluable advice based on market insight.

    These experts know the market and they have been observing it for quite some time. If there are any property market reforms in the pipeline, your realtor will know about the same and advise you accordingly.

  2. Access to More Listings

    The best thing about using a recognized realtor in the city is the fact that they can help tailor your search. These professionals have more listings than you can find online and they make it easier to find the right property.

    Whether you are looking for a condo, townhome or any other type of property, you are assured of finding it faster.

    Jamie Hooper, one of the most renowned realtors in the city offers a wide range of properties throughout the city including West Side, Downtown, Ladner and the east Side.

  3. Professional and Ethical Services

    It is important to appreciate that real estate in hot markets such as this one is rife with risks. Many would be investors have lost money through scams and they are lured by irresistible offers.

    By using a realtor, you are cushioned against exposure to misadventure and fraud. You get the best ROI for your investment and enjoy peace of mind throughout the transaction.

  4. Comprehensive Range of Services

    A realtor works on your side to help you adopt a sound negotiation strategy. They also guide you in selection of property, assess market trends, advise on the state of different neighborhoods, help determine an appropriate offer, help market your property, break down all documentation requirements and so much more.

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