Preparation For Interview Gives You Best Leverage

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Preparing for interview is your best leverage to get the job of your dreams or just a job, period. You need lever of preparation to land a suitable job enough to get you through the current high unemployment days. It is often said that resume’ can get you to interview which in turn can actually get you the job. Resume’ by itself will not get you to join the company’s employed folks.

However, interviewing is not something that comes naturally to applicants. It’s an art that needs preparation and practice. In this post, you will know the 5 tips for interview to master and be skilled at.

  1. Research

    Time and again, experts have said to prepare for job interview. However, most folks still fail to do so. Research the company. Find out who is interviewing you. Using LinkedIn and other such social websites, learn about hiring managers personally. That way it will be easier to relate to them in the interview. You need to act as friend of the hiring manager. Folks love others who have similar interests. But don’t go overboard.

    You should also research and prepare for the the most common interview questions. Rehearse and practice your answers. You may be asked questions like “so tell us about yourself” and “what are your strengths and weaknesses”. You need to be prepared to answer them to win over the hiring manager.

  2. Arrival

    Arrive at least 15 minutes early. Sit and breathe deeply to relax yourself, mentally and physically. When you meet the hiring manager, start with a strong hand shake. Look them in the eye but don’t stare. Stand tall and look confident. The manager after all is a human. The first 2 minutes are crucial so be very careful in what you say. The age old saying that first impression is the last impression still holds true. You may be judged on your first impression. Start out cautiously but positively.

  3. Interview

    The hiring manager is the driver. You are the passenger. Let them drive the interview. Let them organize themselves and get settled in first. That gives you a chance to do the same. Avoid filling the pause or break, if any, in conversation. The hiring manager may simply be thinking about how to kick off the next question.

  4. Answers

    Always pause for 2 or 3 seconds before answering a question. You need time, like everyone else, to gather your thoughts so you can answer well. Needless to say, keep your answers short and to the point. Refer to what you have done in the past. That gives you kind of authority to your answers. The hiring manager needs to know that not only can you do the job but that you have experience for it.

  5. Finale

    The interview process, like anything else in life, has a beginning, middle and end. Your interview so far has gone well. You have talked about what you have done and what you can do for the company. In the process, you have gained confidence to finish the interview on a positive note.

    Tell them how impressed you are with the company. Tell them how excited you are about the job and the role you will be playing. You may briefly summarize how you can add value. Let the hiring manager know why you are the best candidate. You may have gathered understanding of the job and you may have ideas about it. If you do, let them know how you’ll achieve the targets set.

In a Nutshell
It’s really all about confidence in yourself. You have good experience. Tell them you’re the best person for the job. If you need extra help, there are websites to that effect you should go over.

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