Project Managers Need Process and People Skills

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What does it take for the project to be a success? Probably the most important aspect is having a good project manager.

To be successful, a project manager should have great skills for managing the project management processes, and for managing the people on the project.

Process and People Skills

    The project management processes include:

  • Planning, estimating and structuring the work and the project

  • Building and managing a schedule to complete the work on time

  • Estimating and managing the project budget

  • Identifying and proactively managing scope

  • Communicating effectively with all stakeholders

  • Identifying, managing and mitigating project risk

  • Ensuring that the solution is of acceptable quality

  • Managing vendors to ensure their work is completed within expectations

  • Identifying and engaging project stakeholders

This does not mean that the project manager does all of the work, but he must make sure it happens. If the project has issues or scope creep, or faces risks, or if expectations are not set correctly, the project manager is the person responsible.

    In addition to process skills, a project manager must have good people management skills.

    This includes:

  • Making sure that everyone follows the agreed processes and procedures.

  • Leading people so that they willingly follow your direction.

  • Setting reasonable, challenging and clear expectations for people and holding them accountable for meeting the expectations.

  • Team-building skills so that the people work together well, and are motivated to work hard for the sake of the project and their other team members.

  • Communicating proactively using good verbal and writing skills, and active-listening skills.

The combination of good process knowledge and good people management skills will help ensure a project manager is successful on a project.

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