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I use as platform for my blog. In Dashboard, I use Setting –> Writing –> Update Services and fill up the space with the following list to ping to other sites that accept the services. WordPress checks update services to see if you have updated and then shows it on everyone’s site.

In that box, put in the URLs for the services you want to ping when you post to your blog. Put one URL per line in the box. And don’t forget to click on the Update Options button to save your changes.

Then every time you hit Publish on a post, those services will be notified of your new content.

Issues and Concerns with Ping

Some folks say Google and others might ban your blog when you ping. Others give the reason to go ahead and do it as long as you have installed and activated two WordPress Plugins which are

I have installed and activated both Plugins.

More important URLs to ping…

These are the more important URLs to ping. It’s hard to say they would be enough but for all practical purposes these are more popular and currently alive and will be in the foreseeable future.

  1. Ping-o-matic
    Ping URL:

  2. PingGoat
    Ping URL:

    Ping URL Make sure to change with your own blog domain name.

  4. Technorati
    Ping URL:

  5. Google Blog Search
    Ping URL:

  6. BlogLines
    Ping URL:

Don’t fill up Update Services space with every Ping URL you can find

When you click Publish, your post is pinged to so many services that the publish process slows down and it chews up bandwidth.

I have implemented the above more important Ping URLs in the Update Services. Before I pinged to almost 200 of them. I found out some of them were dead.

Choose what you need from the list

You don’t have to ping to all the services in the following list. Choose the ones you want and fill up the space provided in WordPress Dashboard –> Setting –> Writing –> Update Services and click on Save Changes.

The best thing you can do is look at the services that cater to your niche. Then find out if they accept pings and what the URL is to ping them.

Out of service…?

A time comes sites go out of service. However, this is a comprehensive list with the count of more than 280 ping services. Experiment with with them and see which ones are working for you.

More than 280 Ping URLs

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