Promoting Your Business Through Personalised Merchandise

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One of the most cost effective ways in which you can promote your business, personalised merchandise can allow you to effectively market your brand through different items.

This can involve everything from sending out small items like badges, magnets and mugs, through to using business calendars and promotional diaries as a way to remind your clients of the quality of your brand throughout the year as a whole.

Some of the basic merchandise that you can personalise with your company’s logo can include badges and magnets, which can be given out at fairs and as part of promotional events where you may be a sponsor.

Student fairs can be good places to give out free branded items, which can also include lightweight canvas bags, mugs, mouse-mats, pens, and note pads; all of these items can be manufactured in bulk at a relatively low cost.

In terms of more advanced, premium merchandise that can be issued to clients, executive gifts can include chrome and stainless steel pens, paperweights, fine bound diaries, USB sticks, credit cards, and items that have your company’s name engraved onto them.

Taking this approach means that you can emphasise the quality of your brand to existing and potential clients, and involves making small but significant investments in a few premium items. When given out as gifts at corporate events and presentations, these items can make it possible to create a strong level of trust between you and clients.

Another way in which you can promote your business through personalised merchandise involves using business calendars and diaries; these can be printed with a prominent placement for your logo, and can be combined with contact details, examples of new products, and images related to your business.

A business calendar can be particularly effective as a way to create a permanent advert for your company within an office; over time you can then replace old calendars for new versions, while offering desktop diaries and calendars as a complement.

Businesses may also want to consider investing in personalised travel merchandise that can be given out at conferences; these items can balance advertising with practicality, and might include branded travel mugs, travel wallets, travel adapters, cooler bags, and luggage tags.

Personalised hand sprays, wall mugs, and tote bags can also be good ideas if you want to make a strong impression on clients, and can be high quality enough to be re-used.

With all these items, it’s important to remember the core benefit of having personalised business merchandise as a cost effective way of marketing your brand.

You gain something tangible that reminds clients of your company, as well as an inventory of products that can be used over time, or that can be replaced and upgraded every year to strengthen the relationship between you and your customers.

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Rosette is a freelance blogger with interests in business promotion and cost effective branding. She recommends looking into promotional calendars for 2014 as a way to build an early relationship between a client and your business, and suggests looking for suppliers that can guarantee high levels of quality for your design ideas.

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