Psychological and Health Characteristics of Dating Later in Life

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Life doesn’t end for people older than 50 even though it may be difficult to imagine starting something over then.

Society has gone a long way in the past couple of decades, as well as did medicine and cosmetics, so it’s more comfortable to enjoy life and be free to experience things even in that age.

If for some reason, whether by choice or tragic event, you ended up being single, have a look at these five things you probably didn’t know about dating, and you’ll see it’s never late for love.

Psychological and Health Characteristics of Dating Later in Life

  1. A Change of Perception

    Whether it’s about dating or just companionship, older people are not so hung up on age like young ones.

    Psychologists attribute this to the change of how older people perceive life. When they reach a certain age, humans instinctively start seeking for people with whom they can talk to and exchange experiences.

    Although appearance is still important, it has less to do with age but more with health and shape you’re in. For older people, having a companion through the rest of their life, someone to share the moments is the prerogative, because they don’t feel the pressure to have children and start their own family.

  2. Marriage is Stressful

    They’ve either been there or they never wanted to, but marriage is something older people rarely seek for when dating. Partially it’s because they had their fair share of society’s pressure to marry and have children at the certain age, and on the other hand they look for someone who wants to share their views and adventures.

    Older people understand marriage on the whole different level and since most of them have already gone through it, they don’t hurry to go through it again. They see relationships as something more relaxing and obligation-free then necessary to achieve.

  3. Social Perception Includes the Online Landscape

    Older people use online dating services more than young ones. One would expect this from Millennials, but from older people, it comes as a bit surprising.

    The truth is that they don’t like wasting their time on going out and meeting people, but they’d rather use dating websites and apps. That way they can find out more about the potential partners through their dating of Facebook profiles, and see if they’re interested in more. It’s not about being afraid to go out and mingle, but they see it as a waste of time and energy and something reserved for the younger population.

  4. A Positive Attitude Brings Forth Vitality

    Without the expectations brought by the society and culture, older people are not afraid of their sexuality and are honest about it.

    Another important fact is that casual sex is enough for 79% of them, as well as that they are comfortable with having more than one sexual partner. The surveys show that 84% of them think sex gets better with age, while 37% are not interested in sexless relationships.

    And therefore it’s not surprising that men are accepting the problems of old age and visiting institutions like Ageless Men’s Health Clinic to fight any potential issues with finding partners or performing during the sexual engagement.

  5. Nothing More Important Than Happiness

    When young, people have ideal that they’ll spend their lives with their true love. But usually, those fantasies don’t include mortality, divorce and myriad of reasons people’s relationships fall apart. This romantic notion ends like fairy tales with happily ever after, but the real conclusion to every love story is more complicated and less happy than that.

    And the facts support this by stating that majority of older people is single and not planning to get married at all. They haven’t lost their faith in love. On the contrary, 87% think that love will come, and 60% believe in love at first sight. It’s just that they find trust to be the most important between two people and are very adamant to have that above all else first.

To Sum Up

The facts here clearly show that there are life and excitement after 50 and not having a life-long marriage doesn’t mean you can’t love or experience intimacy again with someone else.

Like all other things and aspects of life, dating is always scrutinized and criticized, but the benefit older people have is that they feel freer and unburdened to experience new things and be sexually liberated.

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