Quantify Your Accomplishments When Writing Resume

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When developing your resume, quantify your accomplishments with dollars and other kinds of numbers in your previous work. You have to quantify your experience to write an effective resume. In any discipline, may that be tracking your company’s compliance, sales and marketing, saving money for the company, or worked at the help desk, it’s important to put some numbers of what you have accomplished.

For example,

  • If you are tracking company’s compliance with filing a set of forms…

    Put some specific numbers like “ensured compliance with the filing of X number of annual forms by X number of different company departments.”

  • If you have a job in sales and marketing…

    Have some specific numbers of how much you did in sales in dollars and in quantity.

  • If you are an internal auditor…

    Put some specific numbers like “put in place new payroll and tax accounting systems that saved the firm X number of dollars a year.”

  • If you have worked in very high-volume environments…

    Again, quantify your work with some specific numbers.

  • If you have worked at help-desk job…

    Managed switchboard with X incoming lines, effectively receiving and routing an average of X number of calls per day.

In a Nutshell
These are but just a few examples of how you can quantify your accomplishment at your previous work.

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