Reasons Your Home Energy Bill Might Be Getting Higher

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People always feel a sense of dread when they open their electric bill each month. This is often because there’s no telling how much it may have spiked over the last month.

While a lot of people immediately get angry at the utility provider, the blame may actually lie at your footsteps.

There are actually a number of things you and your family may be doing that explains the spikes.

  • Keeping Items Plugged In

    What’s going on with your appliances? Do you keep them plugged in when they are not in use? This can be a big electricity draw even when turned off. Anytime you press the power button, your appliance goes into a standby mode. When your tv, VCR, or computer sits idle, it is also sucking up electricity. The best solution is to plug your devices into a power strip. This way you can shut them off when not in use. This completely disconnects the power.

  • Washing Your Clothes Too Often

    Washers, dryers, and dishwashers can also be energy sucking appliances. With washers requiring about 40 gallons of water for each full wash, this can take a huge toll on your energy bill. The best way to mitigate this is by reducing the number of times you wash clothes and use your dishwasher per week. Also, using energy saving settings can also save money.

  • Unnecessary Energy Use

    Ceiling fans and lights can also make your electric bill high. Many people make the mistake of running ceiling fans at the highest level when it isn’t needed. The same goes for the lights. Lights should be adjusted according to what your need is. If it isn’t needed, cut it off. Also, choose more energy-efficient bulbs to save money.

  • Old Appliances

    If you have old appliances, it might be a good time to toss them out. Old appliances that are on their last leg often need more juice to run. Today’s appliances have Energy Star, which makes them more efficient. In fact, the average energy-saving appliance uses about four times less power than older models.

  • Old Furnaces

    Old, outdated furnaces can also contribute to electric bill spikes. In some cases, a new energy efficient furnace installation may help. It is recommended that furnaces be replaced after 15 years. Installing a new one could save up to $1,315 per year on fuel costs.

  • Constantly Charging Devices

    Charging multiple devices can also prove problematic. Most homes have cell phones, iPads, electric toothbrushes, laptops, and other small devices. Too many of these gadgets can suck energy out of your home. One way to help with this is to only charge devices when needed. Once fully charged, unplug the device.

Follow these money-saving tips and you should notice your energy bills gradually dropping over the next few months.

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