Recycling Your Energy Redemption System by driving around in a Green Car

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Science says that the total entropy energy of the Universe is always a constant value. The energy only changes into different forms. However, entropy, by definition, is an indication of chaos. So, in participating to the universal dynamics of energy transactions, you must take care of your footprint.

Are you balancing the energy systems in your life? Consider your gasoline vehicle. Now, think of the amount of gas it emits every day. This indiscriminate expenditure of fuel is a serious issue.

The world is witnessing major climatic shifts everywhere. You become a part of the problem by continuing your gasoline car. It is the time to become a component of the solution. It is easy.

In fact, it is surprising why the whole world is not returning the Golden Age abruptly! It is imperative to use an electric car in the face of rapidly disappearing oil supply.

  • The Golden Age rerun

    It is no myth that there was once a Golden Age of electric vehicles. During the late 19th and early 20th century, the Electric Cars outnumbered gasoline vehicles.

    London was the first city to get into the map when Thomas Parker invented the first electric car in practical production (1884).

    The genius engineer was also responsible for lighting up the undergrounds in London. He invented a special rechargeable motor for the purpose.

    Soon, a German company also independently released their electric car line Flocken Electrowagen (1888). These developments happened back to back resulting to a massive popularity of the cars.

    The Golden Era disappeared because of a clever marketing strategy from Ford Motors. Well-known inventor Thomas Alva Edison supplied the last nails to the coffin of the electric cars by lending his voice otherwise.

  • How the tides turn

    Mr. Edison and Mr. Ford were very successful in implementation of their plans. The industrial extraction of petroleum also commenced in large scale.

    So, the car manufacturer played a clever trick by upgrading the factory to mass production scales. This served several purposes simultaneously.

    The factory created employment and brought in taxation revenue for the Government. So, there was ample administrative encouragement.

    The mass production brought down the cost of petroleum-engine cars to half of their equivalent electric counterpart. But, now history plays a loopy prank. The cost of petroleum is at an all-time high. Major automobile manufacturers are lining up their fleet with Green vehicles.

    You need to sell your current four-wheeler. Find a service providing ‘cash for junk cars’. Once you get rid of your carbon demon, introduce the smooth electric beauty in your garage.

  • Contribution to the solution

    By using your latest ECO car, you automatically contribute to the pollution solution. Smoke emitted from fossil fuel combustion at car engines and factory units is choking the planet to extinction almost.

    There is not an iota of exaggeration in the destruction threat. Major man-made natural disasters are threatening the survival of humanity. By using petroleum, you become a stakeholder to the destruction. This is not a redemptive idea at all.

    You have to pay back your rent on living at Earth. There is no planet B to shift your home! It is just out of understanding why the world is still delaying a complete stop to indiscriminate natural exploitation.

The myth that electric cars cannot catch up high speeds recently shattered. A young Croatian inventor called Mate Rimac developed an electric car that competes to be in the top three supercar list of the world.

This amazing super-quiet definition of speed is already in practical production. You can find a leading manufacturer concentrating solely on developing the latest ECO cars.

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