Reduce Out-Of-Pocket Healthcare Costs

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Small Savings Build Up Over Time

If you can save just $100 a month, in ten years’ time you’ve managed to save $12,000. That’s a good chunk of change! In thirty years, $100 a month can lead to $36k in the bank. With some healthcare options, you’re paying $1,000+ a month. If you can cut that in half, you’ll save $6,000 a year, or $180,000 after thirty years.

Such numbers may not seem attainable, but they are—you’ve just got to take little steps designed for the optimization of your regular spending. Ironically, one excellent way to save in terms of healthcare is to cut expenses elsewhere. If you’ve got more money in your pocket, out-of-pocket costs won’t set you back so much.

Still, a more ideal solution is to see those expenses reduce and—if possible—totally dry up.

To that end, following are several tips to help you reduce expenses in terms of healthcare over time.

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  • Have Your Cake And Eat It, Too

    One of the most annoying aspects of modern healthcare is being pigeonholed into using a state-mandated option like ACA (Obamacare) which provides less effective coverage for an unrealistically expanded cost. But it turns out you can actually get private coverage through things like Medicare if you know where to look—specifically: Medicare Part C.

    You can learn more about Medicare Part C here; according to the site, “Part C offers Medicare beneficiaries an alternative way to get Medicare benefits through plans sold by private insurance companies that contract with the centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).”

    Many healthcare organizations design testimonial pages which can help you determine whether their products or services are right for you; according to the site: “If you see that a product [or services] [have] been highly rated, you are fare more likely to follow through. But seeing a product with an overwhelming number of one-star ratings is likely to make you reconsider.”

    So check out such testimonial pages to see if there is any “fine print” that hasn’t been revealed in a forward sales pitch, but is revealed by unsatisfactory service as evidenced by a preponderance of poor reviews. If you’re using Medicare Part C, you can sift through private options to find the one which best represents your needs by checking such testimonials.

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  • Lifestyle Augmentation

    You need to eat healthy, and you need to work out regularly. There aren’t going to be costs which are as affecting if you’re able to maintain your health proactively. This isn’t possible for all individuals, but if you’re within spitting distance of thirty, you can save tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses just by being more healthy.

    If you can’t do this, another lifestyle augmentation change which could help you save money is learning how to play the system against itself. There is a lot of red tape and bureaucracy defining modern healthcare. That legalistic mire is only becoming more swampy. Sometimes it results in bills you aren’t legally culpable to pay, so stand by your rights.

    For example, in some states, if you don’t have the ability to choose an anesthesiologist, you can refuse the bill because you didn’t have a choice while you were anesthetized. This won’t fly in all districts, but it will in some—consult the internet and trusted healthcare professionals to see where you can use such strategy. Here’s a site that tells how to write a medical bill dispute letter.

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  • Conserving Resources

    When you consider that the “system” has been put into place, at least partially, to control the population, then “gaming” it can itself be a bit of a patriotic step—as you and thousands of others do the same, it becomes evident the “system” must change, and such change can work out well for everyone.

Do a little online research regarding Medicare Part C, augment your lifestyle in terms of health and using the system to your advantage, and read customer testimonials. Follow steps like these and you’ll see savings that definitely add up over time.

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