Rent or Buy? How to Save Money on Formal Attire

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Formal attires are important for the workplace. Even if you’re unemployed, you’ll need a good suit to attend meetings.

Due to their usefulness, formal attires can be expensive. Some suits sell for more than $10,000. The good news is you can still buy good quality formal attire on a budget.

Here’s how you can save money on purchases.

Rent or Buy? How to Save Money on Formal Attire

  • Timing Matters

    Every year or fashion season, a new trend takes over and the old one is forgotten. Clothing retailers clear last season’s stock around January. Others do it in July. At this time, the clothes are discounted, and you can get a good deal on formal attire. But there’s something you should know. Don’t rush to purchase a suit. Take your time to discover a good deal; some shops offer up to 50% discount on formal clothes. Shop around until you discover the most affordable prices.

  • Buy Flexible Attire

    Avoid formal attire made from leather or suede because they’re expensive to maintain. These garments have to be dry cleaned, which is costly. Attires made from these garments are also pricey. Stick to fabrics you’re used to. Don’t go overboard – you can find a quality cotton blazer for half the price of what you’d pay for a leather jacket.

    Periodically, you may be forced to invest in expensive fabrics due to dress codes. To save money, you should rent the attire instead of purchasing it because it’s a one-time thing. Furthermore, the renting store will include dry-cleaning fees in the final price. That means you won’t have to worry about financing maintenance.

  • Invest in Neutral Colors

    To save money, purchase formal attires with neutral or versatile colors. For example, a white dress shirt can go with any type of suit. Light blue is another flexible color. When looking for a suit, invest in a black or a navy blue one. You’ll never feel out of place with these colors.

    The only time you should invest in formal attires of vivid colors is when you’re going for a themed event. Prom night is an example of an event that grants you the freedom to dress according to your personality. For example, you can rent and wear a gangster-themed striped prom suit to look tough.

  • Avoid Designer Labels

    Expensive clothes will not make you better at your job. They’ll only bankrupt you and make you wonder why you spent half of your salary on a name. Some designer clothes may not be of the best quality. You think they’re worthier because of what you see online and on TV. These brands are advertised aggressively to sell an image. The end goal is to make more sales and profits. Therefore, don’t fall into this trap.

    Invest in affordable quality clothes. Touch the fabric to gauge its standard.

  • Dispose of what you Have

    Hoarding is an extravagant habit. When you fill your closets with clothes you no longer wear, you limit yourself. You’ll think you have enough clothes because the closet looks full, but when you want to choose attire, you find only two or three pairs that fit you perfectly.

    Make room for better clothes by disposing of what you possess. There are websites you can use to find stores buying second-hand clothes. The more clothes you have, the more money you’ll make, and the less you’ll spend on new formal attire.

  • Clean as Directed

    Buying new clothes every year is expensive. Take care of your clothes so that they don’t fade, tear or shrink. If the label says hand wash, don’t use the machine. Avoid using the drier because it can damage your garments; air drying is better.

    Don’t combine colors. If you’re washing white clothes, don’t mix them with another color because it can damage the overall appearance.

  • Purchase Clothes that Fit You

    Don’t waste money on bigger or smaller clothes because you have a fitness goal. You never know whether you’ll achieve that objective. Assuming the impossible happens and you attain your fitness goals within a short time, how certain are you that you’re going to like that attire? Tastes will always change. Therefore, don’t risk it. Purchase what fits you today to maximize value.

To conclude, whether you decide to buy or rent formal attire, the choice is yours. However, if you’re going to wear an attire once, you should rent it. Purchasing something you’ll never wear more than two times is a waste of money.

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