Repairs You May Need To Make That Save You Money

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Proper home maintenance helps prevent problems from occurring. However, systems do break and parts will deteriorate over time. When this happens, do not neglect the necessary repairs, no matter how minor they might seem since the small inconvenience today might rapidly become the major home emergency tomorrow.

Repairs You May Need To Make That Save You Money

Below are a few repairs that you should make that will save you money.

  • Dripping Faucets: Money Down the Drain

    More than a mere annoyance, a constantly dripping faucet wastes water and increases your water bill. Fortunately, the fix usually is rather simple and can be completed with minimal cost. In most instances, all that is needed is the replacement of a washer in the faucet.

  • Catch That Running Toilet

    If your toilet “runs” constantly or at odd times, then water is leaking from the tank.

    Test for a slow leak by following these steps:

    • Remove the tank’s lid.

    • Flush and let the tank fill again completely.

    • Add a few drops of blue or green food coloring to the tank and replace the lid.

    • After about half an hour, if any of the food coloring is visible in the bowl, then your tank is leaking, wasting water and increasing your bill.

    Most leaks involve simple repairs to one or more components within the tank. If you are comfortable with the task, then don’t delay in tackling the project, as every day costs additional charges to your bill.

    If you prefer the project be handled by a professional, then contact a reputable plumber in your area.

  • Let a Pro Fix Your Furnace

    If your furnace is on the fritz, then finding a professional probably is the safest choice. Failure to properly install an inducer fan motor or correctly install a gas valve could result in even greater costs, since the former could leak poisonous carbon monoxide into your home and the latter could fill your furnace with soot.

    Instead of attempting to DIY, call a contractor who specializes in furnaces or find a multispecialty repair service. For example, Need-A-Plumber Canada do Calgary furnace repair in addition to its plumbing-related services.

  • Faulty Electricity: Prevent Costly Charges

    Faulty wiring, loose connections and damaged circuits demand attention by a professional, since electrical problems can easily cause a fire in your home.

    If you observe any of the following, contact an electrician immediately:

    • outlet stops working;

    • flickering, blinking or dimming lights;

    • sparks from an outlet; or

    • frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers.

    When in doubt, seek professional advice. Spend a few moments finding the problems to fix, and make the repairs to spare later expense.

  • Defend Your Moisture Barriers: Caulking Is Key

    An easy but often overlooked home repair is re-caulking. Over time, the caulking around your tub, sink and shower degrades. Every three to five years, or more frequently if necessary, re-caulk.

    Otherwise, moisture will seep through into the walls, which could lead to mold and mildew, which cause damage to wood, harm your health and are costly to remediate.

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