Resume Writing Tips for Creating the Perfect Resume

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We all know the importance of advertisement when it comes to any products or services, am I right? Now, when it comes to showcase ourselves a brand in the corporate world, we require resume which highlights our abilities and skill set.

A Resume is nothing but a document which represents an individual’s skills, achievements and education in a professional way, which helps the employers to have a better understanding about the potential a candidate holds.

Now, that being said writing a resume is not an easy task to accomplish.

When you are just a fresher to a professional world, resume writing becomes really important. But majority if we don’t have a clue how to effectively write a resume which attracts the employers.

A well written resume doesn’t guarantee you a job, but it sure can take you one step closer into the personal interview round, where you can showcase your true skills.

As we all know that an interviewer looks at a resume for few seconds, so it should be such that it catches their eye compels them to select you for the next round of interview.

Here some of the resume writing tips which help you out while preparing your resume.

Resume Writing

  • Be Precise

    Whenever you are preparing your resume for the first time, keep it as precise as possible. By precise I mean don’t over emphasize on the points which are not relevant. Keep the introduction and objective part as simple as possible.

    The one reading your resume has to scan hundreds of applicant’s resumes, so on an average they spend a little time in reading resume. So, keeping your resume precise is beneficial.

  • Specific Resume

    This can be hard, especially if you are submitting your resume to a lot of different places. Making your resume specific to the job really does help it jump out to recruiters.  Are you applying for an Administrative job?  You need to say explicitly how you’ve worked in similar roles before or had experiences in different roles that exposed you to similar environments.

    Your resume should include relevant experience like answering the phone, responding to customer questions, generating reports, coordinating schedules, etc.  Are you applying for a technical role?  Be detailed about the kind of technologies you know and experience you’ve had.

  • How Long Should It Be? 

    There is no fix rule for resume writing, so it varies. An IT professional’s resume should reflect the technologies they’ve worked with and the environment.

    On the Office Professional side of business, resumes are being reviewed for less technical roles and successful applicants will focus on experiences but also keep it briefer, around two pages in length.  Regardless, I recommend that job seekers build multiple versions of their resumes of varying length and details to submit depending on the job and the organization.

  • Don’t Date Your Experience Or Credentials

    It can be tempting to go all the way back in your work history, especially if you’re a late career job seeker. However, conventional wisdom holds that you do not need to date experience in your resume that is older than ten years. If you possess relevant but dated experience, include it in an ‘other relevant experience’ section omitting dates.

  • Avoid Personal Details

    While resume writing, don’t disclose anything in it that is overly identifying in a personal, non-job relevant way. No photos of you, your spouse/partner, your kids, your pets.  Avoid mentioning your political affiliation, your religion, your heritage, your favorite ice cream flavor, just ask yourself if it’s necessary for the hiring manager to see this side of me on paper?

Over and above the above-mentioned tips there may be many more resume writing tips which can help you out. These tips will help you out in creating the perfect resume which you need to get the job done.

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