Review of Active Campaign: An Automation Tool for Effective Business Marketing

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ActiveCampagin is an amazing email automation tool. Despite its homepage saying “email automation tool,” it’s more than just email automation.

It has various automation features and other features that will be helpful for your business.

It’s not just innovative; it’s also smart.

Review of Active Campaign: An Automation Tool for Effective Business Marketing

  • Effective User Interface

    The user interface is simplified, with few elements on the screen and just focused on what needs to be done.

    It promotes focus in the user and lessens the chance of a user getting confused or making mistakes.

    It will help you understand the different parts of the website and what they do.

    Because ActiveCampaign is a feature-rich internet site, understanding the services it can offer is a primary goal when you first log in to the website.

  • Appropriate Pricing

    It has a free trial. So you can test its effectiveness to see whether or not it is good for your business before you spend any dollar.

    Once you use up the free trial, you can choose any of the three plans. The cheapest plan is at $17. It allows up to 3 users and lets you use enough features to get your business running quickly. The top plan is less than $200 and allows an unlimited number of users.

  • Great Site Tracking Feature

    All that you have to do is get a code from ActiveCampagin and paste it in the source code of your website.

    Once it’s implemented into your website, the tracking feature will track the views that your website receives.

    Site views aren’t the only things that the tracking feature will track, of course. It will also track what people are doing on your site, and it’ll record their demographics.

    It tracks and keeps records of the visitors of your website for you. You can also customize it to make it track if the visitors of your website are doing the things you want them to do, like order products or read certain pages.

    Not only does the site tracking feature of ActiveCampaign do an in-depth observation of your audience, but it also connects their actions with actions that you can take to keep them engaged and come back to become your loyal customers.

  • User-Friendly API

    The reason why expressions like “less are more” and “more is less” were created is that it’s hard to be everything at once.

    Being on both sides of the spectrum is hard. Some websites are elegantly simple, but the lack of useful features.

    On the other hand, some websites are bursting with features while being unable to be understandable by the average Joe.

    ActiveCampaign manages to balance all features, design, and function. Its many different features, different website areas, and other features are all neatly classified on each page. You can easily jump from one area to another.

    The user-friendly API is helpful in writing my review of ActiveCampaign.

  • Great Security and Privacy

    Most websites these days promote social interaction and sharing way too much, that you start feeling like you’re living in a house with glass walls.

    With every action you make on the site, you are prompted to share it on Facebook.

    Some websites don’t even give you the option of choosing whether or not to share, and just automatically share what you’ve been doing.

    With ActiveCampaign, you can choose to work like a hermit and keep all your actions to yourself.

    You can also share certain information with your team members, but the information remains restricted to your team only.

    As a business owner, it’s way too risky to leave random information available to be picked up and used by rivals companies.

  • Various Automation Features

    ActiveCampaign has a whole set of automation features. These automation features include Automation Segmentation, Automation Goals, and Sales Automation.

    It can do things for you like organizing your customer’s lists, creating goals, and running sales processes.

    These automation features are connected with each other. It is one automated process over another automated process, and so on and so forth.

    It is like having yourself cloned, and both you and your clone start working on different parts of the same job.

    ActiveCampaign can be automated to do many of the things that take you so long and so much energy to finish.

    Because it’s all computerized, ActiveCampaign does it faster and with no mistakes.

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