Salesforce Aims to Help Smaller Businesses Make Sense of Big Data with IoT Explorer

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Internet of Things is not another passing fancy. It is taking over the world quite fast, and it is here to stay.

Understanding IoT is quite simple. It is a platform that can unify data from several sensors, applications, websites and devices to modulate appliances in your home or your factory.

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Starting from wind turbines to your thermostat, IoT can make it possible for these inanimate objects to make decisions based on their “intelligence.”

This is a huge step for businesses that will benefit from the mass introduction of automation shortly.

  • Salesforce’s grand entrance into IoT

    Salesforce is finally ready to take over the world of IoT. With its improving command on machine learning and artificial technology, Salesforce is quite the perfect candidate for pioneering the age of IoT. The talks about Salesforce IoT Cloud started back in 2015. In 2017, the company introduced the IoT Explorer Edition for its customers. This software has the potential to collect all the relevant data from connected devices and make it actionable for the output devices.

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  • The IoT Explorer Edition from Salesforce is taking the world by storm

    The IoT Explorer Edition offers a “low code.” This generates Internet of Things business workflows. Even people without a working idea of codes necessary for automation and machine learning can operate the connected devices and manage an automated output from the workflow.

    Salesforce’s idea is to make the idea of automation and IoT accessible to all. Since the IoT Explorer pulls customer context data from the database, it makes the process more engaging and customizable for each user.

    The main aim is to introduce the concept and practice of IoT on an international platform as an engagement tool that can revolutionize the existing business processes.

    Automation is bound to save a lot of money and rake in more profits by streamlining the customer service processes as well.

    Salesforce being Salesforce, they have ensured that each data piece a distressed gadget, appliance or device sends to the server goes to the Salesforce Service Cloud.

  • How does the rerouting of real-time data help?

    The plan is to make the Service Cloud more accessible to SMBs and start-ups without compromising the quality of services.

    The service agents will have access to the IoT database and have a clue about the service calls you may have made to the Salesforce Customer Service before.

    The previous information about your company and your complaints can help in faster redressal of the problems. The most recent introduction of the new customer Service Cloud update shows us a brighter and simpler future where customer care executives can answer queries from anywhere in the world.

  • Wrapping things up

    With over 150,000 satisfied customers, Salesforce is a confident candidate of the IoT race. Its strong Marketing Cloud and Customer Service Cloud are here to complement the new IoT Explorer successfully features that will enable smaller contenders to adopt Internet of Things into their daily business processes.

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