Save Time and Money With These Cool Financial Apps

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One of the first steps to becoming financially solvent is to get organized about where your money is going. While a Utah bankruptcy lawyer can help you through the legal process of your financial difficulties, you’ll need some strategies to start building good saving and spending habits in the future.

Save Time and Money With These Cool Financial Apps

These five financial apps for your phone provide easy, hassle-free ways to monitor your money while on the go.

  1. Mint

    When you create a user account with Mint, this all-in-one app will help you structure a budget based on savings goals and alert you about where your funds are going. This can be particularly enlightening for people who eat out a lot, or indulge in a few too many trips to the coffee shop every week. The app even gives you notifications when it sees suspicious charges or a low balance in your bank account.

  2. Expenditure

    If you don’t consider yourself to be very tech-savvy, Expenditure is the financial app for you. The process for adding financial transactions and budgetary information is easy and glitch-free, and the app even allows you to attach photo icons or notes to your transactions. You can also set up small temporary budgets for vacations or Christmas spending.

  3. Manilla

    Manilla is an app for sorting and organizing monthly bills, financial statements, offers and more. Manilla will make paper statements and notices in your life obsolete, instead making them electronically accessible under one password. The app gives you reminders for when bills are due and even records information from various business rewards programs.

  4. Expensify

    If you do any traveling or personal spending for work, Expensify is a great app for tracking receipts and expenses that you’ll need to claim later. You can scan receipts right into your phone, link bank accounts to record business-related charges and even track gas mileage. Expensify allows you to combine all of this data into a simple expense report when you’re ready to be reimbursed.

  5. iReconcile

    One of the most feature-packed financial apps out there, iReconcile is a streamlined, thorough way to manage budget and expenses for every facet of your life. The app comes with a check register, a highly-detailed budget tracker and online backup.

Any of these great apps are a great way to stay on top of your spending once you have a stable fiscal platform to work with. A Utah bankruptcy attorney can help you restart your financial life and give you the tools you’ll need for a secure future.

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