Saving Money As A Family – What You Can Do Now To Save

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Tired of not having enough money at the end of the month to enjoy some family fun? Here are some easy tips that will leave more cash in your savings account starting today. The best part is some of these tips turn out to be fun and free activities that you and your kids will enjoy.

  • It’s Library Time

    Utilizing your public library system is one way you can immediately begin saving money as a family. Libraries of today don’t just offer all the latest reads for both children and adults. They also offer Internet access, book clubs, after school activities, and music and DVD rentals.

    Check online for a list of monthly offerings or stop by and pick up a calendar of events. You’ll easily be able to find something that will appeal to all members of the family, and the best part of all is that it’s all free.

  • One Stop Shopping

    Do you find yourself running to the grocery store several times a week to pick up items? You might not realize it, but while you’re there you are probably picking up one or two other things you didn’t intend to buy.

    It all adds up to spending more money than your weekly food budget allows. Instead, plan the week’s meals ahead of time, and make sure you get everyone’s suggestions so no one feels left out.

    Then, make a list and do all your shopping at one time. Planning home cooked meals will save you money and allow you to spend quality family time together. Your family will also eat healthier food.

    Finally, doing all your shopping one time a week will save you from spending extra cash on impulse buys that affect the bottom line.

  • Share Your Savings With Friends

    Setting up a barter system with other parents is a fun and fantastic way to exchange toys, clothes and other household items.

    You could easier wind up with items you’ve been meaning to buy, and you’ll feel happy knowing your friends and their kids are benefiting from what you might otherwise have thrown away or donated to strangers.

    Not that donating to strangers isn’t a good idea. Set up a time every two weeks or so when everyone can meet and lay out their gently used books, board games and jeans for others to choose from. Whatever is left at the end of the shop session can be donated to a local charity. Everyone comes out a winner and saves money too.

  • Plant A Garden

    This is a great way to not just save money on vegetables but to spend quality time outdoors with the kids. Even a small backyard can yield enough tomatoes, cucumbers and beans to save your family money all season long.

    You’ll also be able to teach the kids about gardening and let them have fun planting and taking care of their own vegetables. Not to mention the healthy vitamin D you’ll all be soaking while you’re weeding and feeding out there.

  • New Car

    This may seem puzzling at first – but one common money-sucker in a family’s budget is car repairs. Instead of spending so much money randomly on car repairs, consider getting a newer car that’s more reliable, but still within your means and your budget. Places like are great to go and look for new and used cars that can fit your needs.

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