Saving On Gas As A Nation May Lower Its Price

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If everyone or the majority began to take steps as a nation, there are some definite ways to save money not only on gas but perhaps to lower its price as a result. It’s a supply vs demand economy. Supply remaining the same, prices go up when there is greater demand. Prices come down when there is less demand. Individuals make nations. As individuals, if we make an effort to reduce consumption, the gas companies will be forced to lower their prices.

Doing some research, it was President Eisenhower (1953-1960) who started the nation’s vast array of highways throughout the country. Cars were available relatively less expensive and so was gas. American dream consisted of a house, car and probably vacation.

According to Wikipedia…

The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, popularly known as the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act (Public Law 84-627), was enacted on June 29, 1956, when Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the bill into law.

With an original authorization of 25 billion dollars for the construction of 41,000 miles (66,000 km) of the Interstate Highway System supposedly over a 20-year period, it was the largest public works project in American history through that time

It seemingly became a part of our genes to get our car out and go on a weekend drive. When I bought my first car in 1975, I was relatively new in the U.S. and I just drove like hell, mostly just uselessly. I think the gas prices at the time were less than 40 cents and that was in New York City.

These days I tell my kids to not drive around town for no reason at all. They gotta have a “financially” solid reason to drive. I have always tried to stay away from wasting, whether it’s food, clothes, heating or cooling the house.

As a nation, there are certain ways if we follow will save us money on gas and it might lower the gas prices in general. But it will need a genuine effort from all sides.

Of course, not a single individual can follow all items. Some may do one or two and others may follow differently. But the aim is to lower our expenses on gas consumption that will result in savings on national level as well and it might help forcing oil companies to lower prices in the process.

I have not tried to explain in detail each item below, because they are self-explanatory:

  • Car Pooling
  • Telecommuting if possible
  • Public Transportation
  • Buying gas efficient vehicle
  • Planning errands to complete in just one trip
  • Get a credit card that pays back. You will save but might not help forcing oil companies to lower prices.

In a Nutshell
Acting individually will save us money. That’s good personal finance. But as a nation, along with saving, we might be able to lower gas prices with our actions. Imagine as a people, having that much power is pretty cool.

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